NEW>> Block of Time Pricing Tool  

This new feature allows users to quickly build scope of work project proposals individually or as part of a bundled IT Product and Service engagement.   

Key features include: 

  • Dedicated catalog SKUs for simplified selection. 
  • Advanced payment term calculations that allow you to provide payment terms or include BOT revenue in the lease. 
  • Generating proposals and contract documents is a simple click of a button, shortening the time to quote all with fewer errors. 

NEW>> Colorized Social Media Links 

  • The social media links that we added in version 8.4 for ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter were enhanced to include colorization.  These links will appear as blue if the link exists or grey if they are not entered. 

New>> Clear All Search Parameters Button 

  • The “Clear All” feature has been added to 5 additional forms that include Competitive Equipment Desk, Customer Profile Target Viewer, Machines in Field Desk, Order Desk, and the Used Equipment Desk.   
  • The extension of this already popular feature provides a simple “one-click” method to clear all search criteria.  

Other Enhancements in this Update

Sales Order Push to e-Automate 

  • We added a feature that allows lease buyout values to be pushed to e-Auto as negative values for the designated item.  

Merge Accounts 

  • Enhanced the Merge Company form to display additional primary key values including the ConnectWise Customer ID, Customer Site ID, and the ZoomInfo ID. 

Used Equipment Inventory  

  • We added a more advanced integration criteria to allow used equipment to be pulled from e-Automate using a dynamic “Where…” fashion that is compatible with MS SQL Server.   

Order Status Email Notifications  

  • We added additional email recipients for notifications to be sent when Order Status changes are made.

ZoomInfo Integration  

  • We added logic to support the addition of the ZoomInfoSiteID.

e-Automate Sales Order Integration 

  • We greatly enhanced the integration forms to better communicate the variable options available for pushing orders. 
  • We excluded service take over items from the push.    

Task Viewer Enhancements 

  • The Task Viewer form has been modified to include additional features that include color coding, enhanced searching, saved preferences, and populating company names. 

Fixes and Tweaks

  • The IT Products pricing page was modified to allow decimal values within the dealer cost, rep cost, and sell price properties. 
  • We fixed an issue with the Bundled Lead form that was not allowing product types that were not already priced within the associated proposal to be entered. 
  • We enhanced the CEO Juice QBR request to allow for a system parm property setting the desired number of months instead of using the hardcoded 6 months. 
  • We fixed a time zone issue with the Delivery Job Work item activity dates and times. 
  • Added new data merge fields representing  
  • IT Bundle Name 
  • Lease Base Rate & Lease Adjust Factor (Indexed) 
  • We fixed an issue with the MS Outlook integration that was failing to properly save the keys. 
  • We widened the Order Number field on the Order Pricing screen. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Ingram Micro quote import to link items to the catalog.