Significant Upgrades >> Financial Services Screen  

  • We have a new financial breakdown to upgrade interaction with finance companies. 
  • We significantly enhanced lease upgrade and buyout capabilities to allow users to individually select assets from one or more finance companies to segregate and detail buyout processes.  
  • Linked to new service takeover tool, analysis tool, and TCO tool.  

Significant Update >> Recurring Revenue Tracking 

  • We have added the ability to define “Recurring Revenue” catalog items. 
  • We added a breakout column on the pricing grid to allow for the mixing of revenue and recurring revenue-based products. 
  • Dedicated pricing/proposal generation tool for water and other advanced product


New>> Leaf Commercial Capital Integration 

  • SalesChain has implemented a major integration with Leaf Commercial Capital, featuring: 
    • Portfolio synchronization 
    • Credit application submittal 
    • Automated credit decision retrieval and notification 

Evolved Office Integration  

  • This is a major integration that includes campaign creation, workflow notifications, and more. 


Other Enhancements in this Update

New>> Canon Configurator Shortcut 

  • We added a shortcut under the “Sales” menu to Canon’s Configurator Portal


BETA>> Canon Financial Services  

  • We have developed an automated API to manage the lease portfolio. 


Great America Leasing Integration 

  • We added a variable setting to enforce the finance company requirements of specific data before allowing the users to submit credit applications via the SalesChain API leasing portal.  
  • In this case, GAL requested that a phone number and internal contact be provided to speed up processing times. 


Service Takeover (FM Audit Import) 

  •  We have added the ability for sales reps to import FMAudit sourced DCA (Data Collection Agent) reports within the service takeover utility saving the time and effort of manual entry. 

Make Public Views  

  • We added the ability to create “Public” views so that with our popular views feature, manager and admin users can create useful views and share them with others in the company. 

Expanded Order Fulfillment Workflow  

  • This notifications feature will include dynamic HTML based email templates with expanded data merge capabilities.  
  • Communicate order status changes to sales and operations more clearly and with more detailed information. 
  • Added flexibility for better operational workflow by allowing tailored messaging to the right people involved in fulfilling orders. 
  • More informed employees make more informed customers, which makes happier customers. 

Order Status Change History  

  • We added a table to the OBD general table that shows the history of the order status changes. We also added a new popup note entry field so that when a user changes the status of an order, they can enter an optional note to describe what/why the change is being made. [@workflow, @communication] 

Tiered/Scaled Commission Rates  

  • We enhanced our tiered commission scaling to allow for “Cap” and “Floor” settings which provide limits and consequences based on performance and commission level. Dealers can offer a “Skinny Deal” commission schedule with a floor of X that below pays zero or high level that pays zero to force the sales rep to switch to the next level plan. 

Scaled Commissions  

  • We added a scaling mechanism to the percentage-based commission role to allow for dollar-based tiers for computing commissions. For example, if you wish to pay a referral fee based on deal size, you may create tiered ranges of 0 – 10k, 10k – 20k, etc…. and pay more for larger deals. [@commissions] 

Link Price Level with Commission Level 

  • We added a feature to optionally set the commission level on an order based on the selected price level. This allows the dealer to publish special pricing levels with specific commission plans. It also eliminates the need for the sales rep to select the right plan for a special deal.  

Service Chargeback  

  • This will be limited to a certain number of months based on the contract term. 

Lease Desk  

  • We expanded the filtering to include the Sales Rep Category so that dealers that are selling multiple products (like IT and Water and Mail) can view the lease portfolio from their perspective. Water sales reps want to see water leases. [@bundled, @water, @forecasting] 
  • Sales reps can access data specific to their needs and not have to sort through other data, thus saving time. 

Credit Desk  

  • We add the save preferences “Cog” feature to further allow users to customize their use of SalesChain by saving preferences. 

Pickup & Movement Dispositions  

  • We added an admin user maintenance option so that Dealers can customize the disposition types. Prior to this, the values were hard coded by SalesChain. 

Block Of Time & E-Automate Sales Order Create  

  • We added the block of time schedule to the sales order within e-Automate, further integrating the two systems. We also expanded the data merge properties available for seamless document creation. [@blockoftime, @eautomate, @documentation, @integrations] 

Order Desk  

  • We added Credit Status filtering criteria to the Order Desk providing more flexibility in searching orders by their credit status. A credit status indicator was added for each order to clearly present information as to the credit status of orders. [@creditprocessing, @workflow, @informationsharing] 


  • We removed the CC and BCC properties from the email template when sending a request for signature. These fields were previously locked, making it unnecessary to view them. 

User Activity Reporting  

  • We added the ability to create User Activity Groups, which sum the combined value of actions. This allows managers to add columns to the activity summary report that shows “Touches” as the sum of Phone Calls, In Person Prospecting, and Customer Care Calls.  

Prospect Classification  

  • We added logic to the proposal and order pricing tool to allow users to manipulate the prospect classification properties from within the General tab of the OBD. This way reps can update properties to better manage their forecasting and sales metrics without having to go into other forms. 

E-Automate Configurations  

  • We added a feature to allow dealers to utilize the e-Automate Configurations within the IT Products catalog lookup utility to accommodate dealers that have configured technology catalogs such as Point of Sales Production within the DQM project module.  

Recurring Revenue  

  • We have added the ability to define “Recurring Revenue” catalog items and have added a breakout column on the pricing grid to allow for the mixing of revenue and recurring revenue-based products. 

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Company Activity History – We fixed an issue where appointments that were synchronized from Microsoft Exchange were showing as unrecognizable “plain text HTML” instead of a properly translated message.  
  • Customer & Customer Target Viewer – We added the “Does Not Contain” criteria to the grid filters. 
  • Service Pricing Bundles – We fixed an issue where when only color meters were bundled the documents did not show the black/white meters correctly. 
  • OBD IT Products Grid – we fixed an issue that was not allowing users to enter decimal values. 
  • Ingram Micro Quote Import – we fixed an issue where duplicate IT catalog items were being created. 

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