New >> US Bank Integration

  • We have implemented a major integration with US Bank, featuring:
    • All new portfolio display and nightly synchronization
    • Credit application submittal
    • Automated credit decision retrieval and notifications
    • Integrated buyout requests
    • Invoicing history and details display

New>> Evolved Office Integration

  • This capable and easy-to-use integration, developed with the design guidance of Evolved Office CEO Marc Spring, allows dealers to maximize the power and potential of effective marketing, communication, and lead generation.
  • This integration allows end users to:
    • Create campaigns
    • View activity
    • Seamlessly open and view Evolved Office from within SalesChain
    • Search to target interested prospects.


New >> Used Equipment Pricing Tools

  • We added more flexibility and controls to the used equipment pricing tool.
  • We added workflow notifications for inventory management, catalog administration, and sales rep exclusivity expiry notifications.
  • We added the ability to order line items for the accessories that are attached to a used machine. Previously, the accessories were not separated out. Instead, there was one main line item with the accessories in the description.
  • Additional fees will apply to utilize the Used Equipment Pricing Utility. This enables us to provide you with advanced functionalities and maintain optimum service quality.

New >> Report Generation & Printing Utility

  • We are proud to release a new reporting and report printing utility that will initially be integrated with the Used Equipment and Lease Desk tools.
  • This new report and printing tool allows for reports to be printed more easily, with proper pagination and formatting for small as well as very large
  • This new utility will enable us to create the next generation of reports within the SalesChain platform.


Other Enhancements in this Update

Order Breakdown Tools

  • We added mouse-over text to the OBD tools to display the “Bundle Name” for configured machines.
  • We added mouse-over text that will show the full name of the bundle entered by the sales rep to aid in the configuration and management of complex order and delivery jobs.

FINALLY! >> Delivery Job Appointments

  • We modified the delivery job appointments for sales reps to no longer be all day events.
  • This modification has been on the wish list for some time, and we know that every sales rep and delivery desk manager is going to appreciate this change.

Order Breakdown Products Grid

    • We moved the “Exclude from Lease” check box column from the far right to the left side of the grid to simplify the access for sales reps using smaller devices and to highlight the feature.

IT Service Product Lookup

  • We added the Vendor column to the grid and search option for the column to further simplify the search and selection of products for IT Services.

Delivery Job Machines

  • We added the MFG Item Number column to the Machines display grid.

Significant Upgrades >> Delivery Desk

  • We have made significant modifications to show additional information.
  • We have added additional search criteria on the truck assignments.

Proposal and Order Pricing System

  • Added the standard pricing column to the product lookup and display forms of the proposal and order pricing system. Previously, we showed the MSRP, now we have added the dealer’s “Default” pricing level to the display to provide sales reps with more information.

FCO Integrations

  • We added safeguards and error logging to the finance company portfolio integrations to trap unintended close outs and updates.
  • In some cases, leases were closed out because they were not present in a daily update, only because the data provided by the FCO application was not all inclusive.

IT Products

  • We added the MFG Item Number column to the IT Products display grid.


  • We added a feature to exclude “Non-Equipment” gross profit from commission dollars from manager escalation calculations.
  • For example, this feature allows manager roll ups to receive an extra 10 percent of GP, excluding non-equipment profit such as MFG Spiffs, or Service Commission dollars.

Workflow Emails

  • We expanded the data merge utilities for workflow emails to include used equipment and new OBD properties.

TCO Tools

  • We have created a seamless transition of MPS Proposals into the SalesChain OBD Proposal and Order system.

Order Desk 

  • We have added the criteria “Exceeds MSRP” to provide lease administration a quick view of possible blending rate requirements

Water Pricing Tool

  • We have created the ability to define and mix catalog items that are MRR and Revenue on a single order.

Data Export Utility

  • We have expanded the properties that can be downloaded by secured users for social media and integration partner keys. These properties include:
    • ZoomInfo
    • ConnectWise
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • HubSpot
    • Yelp

eAutomate Integration

  • Enhanced Filtering – We have enhanced our integration utility to provide advanced filtering to selectively synchronize data that is stored in eAutomate.
  • This tool is designed for large enterprises that operate multiple businesses within a single EA database instance.
  • They can selectively import specific businesses into SalesChain, rather than importing all of them.

Catalog and Configurations

  • We have enhanced our ability to import product catalogs from eAutomate along with configurations.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue with the Evolved Office “Campaign Edit Form” where the Home button was misdirecting users.
  • Added a “Clear All” feature to the MIF Desk form.
  • Modified the Group assignment rules, increasing the maximum size from 75k to 150k.
  • Fixed a few minor issues with fonts and cursor focus on the Contact View form.
  • Fixed an issue with the apostrophe in the customer number causing issues when saving an OBD.
  • Fixed an issue with the eAutomate Sales Order push Customer form that was causing non-critical display error.
  • Modified the HubSpot integration to include additional properties to support CEO Juice integration properties.
  • Fixed an issue with the Named Views feature that was causing the new items to be incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue on the dashboard and charts where the font size was too small.
  • We further refined the ability to use the Pontrelli Marketing program’s industry group names within the Customer Target listing form.
  • Fixed an issue where order status change emails were showing as text and not HTML.
  • Fixed an issue on the OBD Price form, when Credit Levels were selected, the credit column amount was not loading properly.
  • Added the ability to manage up to 10 order line adjustments within the Catalog Item maintenance utility.

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