[Waterbury, CT]: CRM and business automation software provider, SalesChain, is scheduled to release version 7.08 of their software this Sunday. This highly anticipated build is set to include the new inventory lookup feature, which was announced last month, speed licensing variations for new mainframes which share hardware but differ in their capabilities, predefined user activity notes to save users time typing repetitively, and several fixes and tweaks.

“No question, this is the most impactful upgrade I can remember seeing, at least in some time.” Says Evan Hantman, Director of Data Strategy at LDI Color Toolbox.

SalesChain’s new inventory lookup feature was designed to address current supply chain issues. It allows users the ability to cross-reference assets that are priced in proposals and orders within SalesChain with a company’s e-Automate inventory to see which mainframes and accessories are available, and which may need to be substituted or delayed. It was created in response to feedback from the SDG and PDG group presentations given by SalesChain in the summer of 2021.

With many new mainframes utilizing speed licensing, SalesChain now allows admin users with catalog management permissions to “clone” catalog items – saving time and hassle in copying and pasting marketing information and images from one identical mainframe with different licensing to another.

Predefined user activity notes auto-populate body text into notes and tasks when certain drop-down items are selected in SalesChain. This can save users time by eliminating the need to type information repeatedly while performing rhythmic tasks like cold calling or follow-ups.

New features in this build also include a delivery truck schedule notification workflow which notifies drivers of their schedules several days in advance; a manager pricing override which allows the dealer to publish pricing levels that can override manager approved pricing limitations, should they want to; a Prospect “Next Call Date” field; and a rebuild of the Check Request Ledger screen.

For a full list of fixes, enhancements, and tweaks, SalesChain users can review the release notes from inside of SalesChain under Menu -> Release Notes. This build is scheduled to go into production this Sunday 11/14/2021.

About SalesChain: SalesChain is the complete business automation solution for office equipment dealers. A CIO Magazine top 10 Workflow Automation company, their goal is to help businesses see greater profitability and increased efficiency through better automation and synchronized data. SalesChain helps dealers create smart data that can be used across the business to create more efficient operations.


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