Three Notable Achievements

1: SalesChain Has Best Year In Company History In 2021

End of the year corporate analysis has revealed that SalesChain has experienced its largest growth in company history. The addition of over a dozen new customers and many new employees energized sales in a year where business was pivoting to function differently. With more users working remotely and the print industry shifting from print services to IT services and document management systems, SalesChain was able to provide a comprehensive product that served the technology industry well.

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2: SalesChain Named Among CIO Applications Top 10 Workflow Automation Platforms

The October 2021 edition of CIO magazine featured an interview with SalesChain discussing our business workflow automation platform. Our goal of helping dealers achieve greater organization through superior automation and better data was formally recognized by the organization with a top 10 award for 2021.

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3: CEO Tim Szczygiel Featured on Building to Scale Podcast

In July, SalesChain CEO Timothy Szczygiel was the guest speaker on a podcast produced by Admentus Inc. Called “Building to Scale.” During a discussion about scaling an enterprise business in the current environment, he said, “managing data is absolutely critical to business in 2021. Every business in every industry is going virtual to some degree, and virtual-only works when information is complete, accurate, and correct.”  We are proud that our continued development efforts at SalesChain have created a scalable platform for our users, providing a continuous data stream that is reliable and actionable.

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A Holiday Message From SalesChain CEO Tim Szczygiel

SalesChain CEO Tim Szczygiel shares his holiday wishes as we begin the holiday season and approach the end of 2021

Three New Features

1: SalesChain and DLL Announce Real-Time Credit Processing API

SalesChain understands the utilization of financial services is critical to the office equipment industry. With this integration, Saleschain will now be able to deliver real-time credit processing and decisioning to the dealership on nearly 86% of deals, * avoiding timely delays and manual data entry.

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2: SalesChain Adds New Real-Time Inventory Management Tool

This new forecasting feature allows the user to select any number of filtering criteria, including period of time, stage of the deal, or branch before viewing the real-time inventory of all products related to the primary proposal or the order that is associated with the opportunity. This feature will significantly reduce the guessing of what should be purchased and improve purchasing discounts.  It will also reduce delivery times by allowing purchasing managers to preemptively stock equipment.

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3: SalesChain Introduces Build Your Own Dashboards

The goal of SalesChain’s business intelligence tool is to provide our users with a wealth of information about their business in an easy-to-understand format. So that you can see exactly the information that’s most relevant to you, we included a feature to our Business Intelligence platform that allows every user in the system to create custom dashboards!

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Forward Unto 2022

We are looking forward to continuing to grow and offering better solutions for the industry in 2022.  We are thankful for our dealer partners who have provided us with suggestions for improving and expanding our platform.  We are also energized by the challenges of changing with a quickly evolving office technology industry.

Written By: Mary Ellen Hogan. Linked Content by Matthew Szczygiel and Mary Ellen Hogan

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