No matter what the industry, they all seem to have their own unique, and often unspoken, set of semantics. These include phrases, shortcuts, abbreviations, and acronyms that become commonly used in spoken and written communications, but that can seem like a foreign language to the uninitiated.

When one is first hired into a new field, “learning the lingo” can seem like a nearly insurmountable first step to feeling comfortable with colleagues and producing professional work. A motivated new employee may look for a way to easily educate themselves regarding these terms that are new to them, only to be frustrated with a lack of formal reference tools to help them. An intuitive first step nowadays would be to “google it”, but it is frustrating and time-consuming to look these up on the internet one at a time.

Because of this, we decided to collect a list of the industry acronyms we’ve encountered over the years and post them here.

The following includes an alphabetical listing of acronyms, some of which are general business terms (DBA and PO for example) and some of which are specific to the office technology field (MIF for example).

Dictionary of Industry Acronyms

ACH – automated clearing house (auto withdraw)

AMS – Application management system

AOD – Admin on Demand

API –   Application Programming Interface

B2B – business to business

B2C – business to client/customer

BC – bill customer

BI – Business Intelligence

Blob- binary large object

BPA – business process automation

CB – charge back

CEO Juice – this is a company survey company, handles invoices

CFS – Canon financial services

CompEQ – competitive equipment

CPC – cost per copy

CPI – cost per image

CRD – central reprographics department

CRM – Customer Relationship Management (Accelerate is an example)

CSMP – Canon Strategic Marketing Program

CUP – customer upgrade

DBA – doing business as

DCA – data collection agent

DO- dealership owned; also, dollar out (for a lease)

DSO – Days Shipped Outstanding?

e-Automate – a backend accounting system

EBR – executive business review

EDA – electronic design automation

EOD – end of day

EQ – equipment request

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

FCO – finance company

FMV – Fair Market Value (for a lease)

GMA – general maintenance agreement (for service)

GP – gross profit

GUI – graphic user interface

HaaS – hardware as a service

HDC – hard drive cleanse

ICP – ideal customer profile

IPDS – intelligent printer data stream

KPI – key performance indicators

LSR – lease return

MIF – machines in field

MFD – multi-function devices

MFP – multi-function printers

MNS – Managed Network Services

MPS – Managed Print Services

MSP – Managed services provider

MSRP – manufacturer’s suggested retail price (list price)

MVP – maximal viable product

NLWC – no longer with the company

NNC – net new customer

NNP – net new placement

OBD – order breakdown

OC – order coordinator

OEM – original equipment manufacturer

OMD – a backend accounting system

PA – price and availability

PO – purchase order

POP – point of purchase

POS – point of sale

PIP – Practice Integration Profile

PSA – professional services automation

PSP – Print Service Providers

RMA – Return merchandise authorization, Term used to return stuff that is broken, usually under warranty!

ROI – return on investment

RFP – request for proposal

SaaS – software as a service

SAO- same address as the office

SD – strategy development

SEO – search engine optimization

SIC – standard industrial classification – in the SalesChain system it is used to classify client customers into different categories

SME – subject matter expert

SPM – service pricing module

SRA – Sales Representative Assignments

SWOT – strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat

TCO – total cost of ownership

TCV – total customer view

TFA – two factor authorization

UI – user interface

VAR – value added retailer

WF – workflow


We plan to continue adding to this list, and to add definitions as we go, so check back on this page periodically for updates!

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