Explaining “One System”

SalesChain is proud to offer office technology dealers with IT and other offerings “One System, One Solution” for their business process automation software needs. What do we really mean by that slogan?

In today’s digital world, we have grown accustomed to electronic and online formats to efficiently run all aspects of our businesses. If you are in the office technology field, you know that sales, back-office functions, and analytics are all data-rich functions. Businesses employ the use of specialized software to manage and understand this abundance of information.

There are many perfectly adequate products to automate each individual part of your company. But investing in individual systems brings with it inherent problems. User training and buy-in, system compatibility, consistency of information, and troubleshooting are segmented between each software provider with mixed results and separate processes.

What we are suggesting instead is the implementation of a single, unified system that seamlessly connects all the separate processes required to keep your business running.

SalesChain platinum is the ultimate toolbox for office technology dealers and the individual but linked software components are your tools for all the different offerings that your business sells in one place. We offer a single system that can help track the presales and sales process, price proposals and generate documentation, and fulfill orders in every segment you serve.

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT.

Watch this brief video to learn a bit about where our offering is headed in 2022!

Why is this important to Dealers?

The Problem: In the office technology field, there are currently separate software ecosystems to accommodate sales in imaging (printing hardware, solutions, accessories and machine leasing and sales), IT (products and services), and management functions (forecasting, analytics, and commissioning). While all of these are certainly useful tools, they require separate data entry, can slow down the sales process, and increase the chances of user error.

Why is this a problem? Separate systems mean separate data. Whether it is a note an imaging rep made in their CRM, or a quote priced in their IT pricing system, your business can only work as a unified force if everyone has access to all this information in one place. The ability to track sales of disparate products recorded by multiple sales representatives gives both employees and management a more complete picture of the status of the business and allows for more comprehensive analysis using data sets that expand analytics capabilities.

What are the benefits? Having all this data in one place saves your staff valuable time, makes reporting more accurate, and helps your business become more efficient. Everyone in your business can be on the same page, working with a much more complete understanding of the business. What is more, workflow automation streamlines your entire operation.

Why now? Product diversification is becoming increasingly necessary, as office technology dealers focus on offerings that are compelling for WFH and hybrid offices. This undoubtedly requires providing a comprehensive combination of print and IT products and services. Post-pandemic changes to the office equipment and technology channel are driving this need to be flexible to remain relevant. The most successful companies will be the ones that position themselves for a quick pivot in their offerings to their clients.

What does “One System” include in SalesChain?

SalesChain’s CRM platform is the heart of our sales solution, and we evolved from lease portfolio management. But our software has evolved to offer a suite of purpose-built tools for every member of your business.

SalesChain incorporates five or more of our competitors’ tools into a single software for a system that goes way beyond a typical CRM service to offer fully immersive business automation and industry-specific support. Our platinum suite includes legal and marketing document generation, integrated commissions, and more. We provide automation solutions for your entire organization, with 24-hour access to our cloud-based platform.
Here are just some of the advantages available to you:

Our mission is to help our clients maximize efficiency with actionable data generated through powerful automation. That is why SalesChain is the complete business automation solution for office technology dealers and how we can offer one system, one solution for all aspects of your business.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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