Coffee With Tim Episode 04: How To Conduct Better Employee interviews

SalesChain brings you a casual series where we chat with owner and president Tim Szczygiel.
In this episode: Tips for conducting better employee interviews. Save time vetting candidates and conducting a multitude of interviews by following a few tips from Tim!

In This Episode:

How long after someone’s walked in the door do you know if you’ll hire them? 00:00
How should the interviewer prepare for an interview? 00:26
What do you learn from the candidate before even asking a question? 00:48
What do you learn from the answer to: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” 01:22
What characterizes someone who has drive? 02:08
What characteristics do you look for in a new hire? 2:50
What makes someone trustworthy? 03:22
What questions should interviewers ask that they normally wouldn’t? 03:54

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