The world of office technology is evolving rapidly, with businesses constantly searching for more efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive solutions to their technology needs. In this landscape, office technology dealers have a unique opportunity to generate creative ways to meet customer demands. This opportunity is what we call blended solution selling – a potent, comprehensive combination of hardware, software, services, and, notably, the integration of used equipment into the product mix. Let’s explore why this should be a priority for dealers and how it can catalyze business growth.

Why Adopt Blended Solution Selling?

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Demands

Customers are increasingly seeking one-stop-shop solutions. A dealership that can offer a comprehensive package of new and used technology, services, and ongoing support positions itself as an invaluable partner to its customers. Consider a business that requires not just a new printer but an entire document management system. By offering a solution that incorporates both the latest technology and high-quality used equipment, dealers can provide a tailored, cost-effective solution that covers all bases.

Boosting Profitability

Blending new and used solutions can significantly enhance profitability. Bundling services with hardware sales — whether new or refurbished — allows dealers to offer premium, all-inclusive packages. Bundling can improve the customer’s perceived value and willingness to invest in a premium service, which, in turn, can drive higher profit margins.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

The market is saturated with vendors only offering piecemeal products. By providing a total solution, dealers differentiate themselves, attracting customers who are searching for a comprehensive technology partner. Moreover, integrating used equipment into these solutions can further distinguish a dealer’s offerings.

Enhancing Customer Relationships

The blended solution model transforms the vendor-customer relationship into a partnership. By addressing all aspects of a customer’s technology needs, including the integration of used equipment, dealers solidify their role as trusted advisors, fostering long-term loyalty and repeat business.

Benefits of Incorporating Used Equipment

Reducing Costs and Environmental Impact

By selling and recycling high-quality used technology, dealers not only offer a more accessible entry point for cost-conscious customers but also promote sustainability. This eco-friendly approach resonates well with modern businesses conscious of their environmental footprint.

Lower Investment Risks

For businesses wary of the expenses tied to newer technology, purchasing used equipment can be a far less risky endeavor. It enables them to upgrade their infrastructure without the hefty investment that new equipment demands.

Expanding Market Reach

The used equipment market helps dealers reach a broader audience, including startups or small businesses not ready to invest in new technology. This expands the dealer’s customer base and opens up additional revenue streams.

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT

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Implementing a Blended Selling Strategy

Understanding Customer Needs

The first step is to comprehensively understand the customer’s business requirements. A deep dive into their daily operations and pain points can reveal opportunities for both new and used technology solutions.

Customized and Integrated Solutions

With a thorough understanding of customer needs, dealers can curate tailored packages that not only serve traditional office spaces but also cater to the burgeoning work-from-home (WFH) trend. Companies are increasingly relying on mobile printing technologies and smaller, more cost-effective equipment to empower their remote workforce. A thoughtful combination of new high-speed printers for central office operations, paired with certified used multifunction devices or compact printers, can serve as an ideal solution for businesses supporting in-house and remote employees alike. This blend not only maximizes value but also ensures that businesses remain agile and capable of providing their staff with the necessary tools to work efficiently from any location.

Ongoing Support and Training

Offering ongoing maintenance, support, and training ensures that customers get the most out of their investment, whether it’s new technology or refurbished equipment. This commitment to post-sale support builds a foundation for trust and partnership.

Leveraging Feedback

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of enduring success, especially in solution selling where technology and customer needs evolve rapidly. Dealers can enhance their strategic approach by actively soliciting customer feedback to identify opportunities for upgrades, whether it’s expanding capabilities with a new speed license or integrating a refurbished unit that offers better performance. This practice allows dealers to refine their solutions regularly, ensuring that they not only align with current customer needs but also add value by leveraging the latest advancements in technology. By proposing these tailored upgrades, dealers demonstrate their commitment to their customers’ ongoing success and cement their role as proactive partners in their clients’ business growth.


Data Security  

Data security is a critical concern for office technology dealers, as they deal with sensitive customer information. The CRM provider should offer a system that adheres to industry-standard security protocols, such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. The CRM provider should also have a clear data backup and recovery plan in place, ensuring that data is not lost in the event of a system failure or data breach. 

Leveraging SalesChain for Blended Solutions

Implementing such a comprehensive strategy requires a robust back-end system. SalesChain’s CRM/CPQ platform is designed with this complexity in mind. It simplifies the process of creating bundled solutions by providing up-to-date catalogs of new and used products, a streamlined quoting process, and integrations with leading leasing options.

SalesChain also supports office technology dealers with tools for a used equipment selling desk, IT product selling, and leasing support. The platform’s versatility in managing both new and used technology inventory makes it a highly valuable tool for dealers embracing the blended solution model.

Summing it up

The integration of new and used equipment into a blended solution strategy represents a paradigm shift for office technology dealers. It’s a strategy that can lead to higher profitability, a unique market position, and stronger customer relationships. As dealers navigate the intricacies of selling blended solutions, partnering with a capable CRM/CPQ provider like SalesChain can make all the difference in harnessing the full potential of this approach.

For over two decades, SalesChain has been at the forefront of business workflow automation, helping dealers seamlessly adopt and thrive in the blended solution marketplace. With our comprehensive support, detailed product catalogs, and automated quoting systems, SalesChain empowers dealers to transform their sales processes and catalyze growth in a competitive industry.

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