New >> Messaging


We are excited to introduce the first feature in our Version 8.8 Update: a fully integrated messaging system. This addition is designed to streamline communication within your company by allowing seamless correspondence tied to specific transactional components like Delivery Jobs and Credit Requests. Enhance your workflow efficiency with the convenience of email notifications for new messages and the practicality of attaching important documents directly within the messaging interface. This feature is a leap towards comprehensive workflow automation, and we believe it will significantly contribute to optimizing your business communication processes.


  • Enhanced Communication: Our integrated messaging system ensures that team members can easily coordinate and discuss transaction-specific details without leaving the platform.
  • Document Management: Attached documents are not just linked but are fully integrated within our robust document management system, making tracking and organizing easier than ever.
  • Company-Wide Advantages: Every member within the organization will benefit from the improved exchange and accessibility of documents, leading to more streamlined business communication and operations.


New >> Order Financial Breakdown


Our new OBD Financial Breakdown offering is a sophisticated digital solution for representing financial aspects of orders. This feature provides a multidimensional view of an order’s financials, including perspectives such as “Book,” “Finance Company,” and “Sales.” It replaces several manual processes by automating the booking transactions into the eAutomate system, showcasing SalesChain’s commitment to enhancing user experience with efficiency.


  • Streamlined Financial Processing: Automates various manual booking tasks, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Multi-Perspective Financial Representation: Offers a comprehensive view of the financials from different business perspectives, ensuring a holistic understanding of transactions.
  • Efficient Invoice and Documentation Creation: The module facilitates ‘one click’ creation of Interim Rent Invoices and quick generation of Finance Company Funding Request documentation, thereby expediting financial operations.

New >> Credit Pre-approval


SalesChain is proud to announce an innovative utility for Sales reps to request credit prequalification. Directly on the company profile screen, sales reps can press a button and request the credit worthiness of a prospect before investing time. Simply click a button and enter the desired dollar amount to initiate the process of the request. This new tool eliminates the need for creating provisional proposals. Sales reps can now request credit pre-approvals with a simple click of an icon, enter the desired dollar amount and product category, and initiate the process swiftly and efficiently.


  • Save Time: Saves Reps time by providing them a utility to vet the credit worthiness of a potential customer without having to proceed through the entire sales process.
  • Direct Access: Situated in the Company Profile screen for immediate use, this feature ensures that sales reps can act quickly without navigating away from their current tasks.
  • Elimination of Placeholder Proposals: No longer a need to create “dummy” proposals, which streamlines the workflow and reduces the margin for error.
  • Rapid Initiation: With just a few clicks, the request is sent, expediting the sales cycle, and improving response times for customer inquiries.

New >>> Customer Association  


With our latest update, SalesChain empowers sales representatives with a brand-new method to associate companies directly within our platform. This feature is designed to give reps the autonomy to manage complex customer relationships effectively. Through an intuitive interface, sales reps can now view and manage lists of associated companies with ease, all at their discretion.


  • Enhanced Flexibility: Sales reps gain the ability to tailor company associations to their specific needs, providing a personalized approach to customer management.
  • Control Over Customer Management: This “at will” feature grants sales reps the independence to manage complex customer hierarchies without constraints.
  • Unaffected Lineage and Associations: The new method preserves the integrity of the existing “Bill-To” lineage from eAutomate and does not impact Master Account and Master Agreement associations, ensuring continuity and stability.

New >> Real-time Lease Buyouts Integrated with CPQ 


We’re happy to release a cutting-edge automated process within our CPQ pricing tool that allows users to directly request and receive buyout/upgrade quotes from US Bank. This feature is a technological advancement that streamlines the quote acquisition process, integrating it seamlessly into the user’s workflow within SalesChain’s platform.


  • Unprecedented Efficiency: Eliminates the need for lease coordinators, significantly reducing the time taken to communicate with finance companies.
  • Direct Quotes: Users can obtain buyout values without intermediary steps, directly from the source.
  • Automated Integration: Quotes are automatically incorporated into orders and proposals, negating the need for manual data entry.
  • Timesaving: Reduces the time spent on obtaining quotes, allowing sales representatives to focus on more productive activities.

Other Enhancements in this Update


  • We added a gross profit threshold feature to limit commissions to be paid only on deals that reach or exceed a value. Making things even more flexible, we integrated our tiered adjustment utility to allow for one or many levels of commission based on a defined tier schedule. In practical terms, this allows a dealer to pay a rep 30% of gross profit on deals that exceed 20% overall gross profit.

Credit Desk with Messaging

  • We’ve enhanced the credit desk viewer to include our new Messaging system, making it easy for sales reps and lease support resources to communicate transactional details for transactions. We’ve also added filtering options for simplified viewing of New, Pending, and Response messaging. This form has also been securitized to finance program details.

Delivery Calendar

  • We enhanced the delivery calendar to support more efficient drag and drop functionality that allows for specific hour time setting.

Google Mapping

  • We modified the “mapping” link on the Customer Profile and Contact View page to open Google maps with prospect and customer pegging similar to the mobile tool. This replaces the single account location peg view.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Everyone will be happy to hear that we have added the “Company Name” value to the appointment subject.

FM Audit Integration

  • We enhanced the service takeover and TCO & MPS tools to allow users to import the enhanced FM Audit Meters report.

TCO & MPS Proposal

  • Added a new simplified “Override” feature that will allow users to enter a simple CPI rate for BW and Color instead of using the more complex costing tools. Many of our dealers have asked for a simplified method of pricing MPS solutions and we listened.


  • We’ve added the ability for securitized users to manually override ZoomInfo ID, Site ID, and URL’s. This feature allows for more realistic administrative management of large lists of accounts sourced from and merged from multiple sources.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Billing Codes – Fixed an issue with the delivery job unit billing dropdown that was causing the list to not populate.
  • Bundle Name – We fixed an issue that was causing the bundle name property for manual bundles to not save properly.
  • Bundle Name – We fixed an issue where a single quote within the bundle name was causing the name to be cut off within mouse over text message.
  • Customer – Fixed an issue that was causing large ZoomInfo and ZoomInfo site numbers to error.
  • Data Merge – Added new merge fields to support additional email campaigns and delivery addresses. Also fixed an empty MFG name with certain manual bundles.
  • EAuto Sales Order Create – We fixed an issue that was causing the stocking code property to not be set properly when pushing orders with greater than 1 eAutomate sales order.
  • Esign – We fixed an issue with the Esign process where an excessively large name was causing an error.
  • Forecast by Status and 30-60-90 – Fixed an issue with these forecasts that was causing the value of proposed revenue to show proposed payment.
  • Sales Rep Activity – Added the points total value to the summary columns.
  • US Bank Integration – Fixed a minor issue that was causing certain leases to be duplicated within the portfolio synchronization utility.