Cloud-based SAAS companies are in a unique position to align themselves successfully in a post-pandemic world.  The infrastructure and operations are already in place to function fluidly in the office, remotely, or using a hybrid model.   Back in March, SalesChain published this article, hypothesizing that remote work was here to stay. With the variants of Covid-19 and more offices allowing employees to decide where and how they want to work; we’re seeing this come to fruition.  Companies that either have or can implement this hybrid way of doing business will certainly be at the forefront of the digital transformation that we see today.  “Finding solutions to help remote staff work as efficiently as possible is critical.”

Here we highlight 6 features that our SalesChain product offers that support hybrid office operations.

1) Deal Pricing with Integrated Catalogs

Comprehensive product catalog access is incorporated right into your SalesChain package. Remote workers can run deal pricing, integrating different combinations of base engine machines and accessory packages, whether they are in or out of the office.  They can communicate with other reps and seek manager approval for deals without time-consuming in-person meetings.

2) NEW: Inventory Lookup

SalesChain recently announced a new inventory lookup tool. This is a direct response to the issues the industry is experiencing as a result of pandemic supply chain disruptions. Customers can use SalesChain’s forecasting screen to double-check their inventory and cross-reference it with the proposals and orders priced by sales reps.

3) Integrated e-Signatures

The pandemic has brought a new awareness to the appeal of working as much as possible in a contactless environment. Customers may be more hesitant to participate in multiple, unnecessary face-to-face interactions.  SalesChain software offers E-signatures – the perfect way to close contactless deals with your customers.

How can E-Signatures Improve remote Sales?

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4) Built-In Commissions

A system to manage any type of commissions structure is built right into the SalesChain software. Sales reps are motivated to keep up with the easy data entry in the field or at home, knowing that they will be paid, no matter where they are.  They will readily see what they might be paid for each deal, and managers will have a more complete and accurate data set to drive analytics.

5) Outlook 365 Integration

SalesChain offers integrations to key industry software, to help manage business workflow, regardless of worker location. “Two-way integration with Microsoft Outlook 365 means when you schedule, edit, and cancel appointments in Outlook they will automatically appear on your SalesChain calendar.”  Sales reps are enabled to be more professional, reducing the risk of missing appointments and losing important details.  Creating an electronic paper trail means easy access to communication history, not only over the course of a particular deal but for the lifetime of a relationship with a client.

6) Cloud-Based CRM

SalesChain software is a unified solution that incorporates sales CRM functionality. Sales reps may access their data from anywhere at any time, facilitating ease of use and collaboration with clients and colleagues.  This cloud-based CRM package also precludes the errors inherent in manual data collection and saves users time on the road.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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