[Waterbury, CT]: Bringing back an old tradition, SalesChain’s help desk staff elected to begin offering quarterly group training sessions for our New User and Management Reporting trainings. These sessions will be open to our entire user base.


New user training covers basic CRM topics and best practices like entering new customer information, logging activities like phone calls, and creating leads. Management Reporting training is a course for sales and upper management which focuses on generating reports out of SalesChain and understanding how the data within them is presented.


These sessions are ideal for companies who may have added one or two new sales reps, or who have had a change in their management staff. In the wake of many staff changes in the fall of 2021, the Help Desk’s goal in reinstating these sessions is to maximize the value of our support offerings.


“We want to make sure users who may be new to the system have a good understanding of basic functions and best practices without having to charge the customer organization additional funds for a private session,” Says SalesChain Trainer, Matthew Szczygiel.


These sessions will be available quarterly and are open to registration by anyone who is a current user of the SalesChain system. The first sessions are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, November 15th and 16th.


About SalesChain: SalesChain is the complete business automation solution for office equipment dealers. Their goal is to help businesses see greater profitability and increased efficiency through better automation and synchronized data. SalesChain helps dealers create smart data that can be used across the business to create more efficient operations.


Users can register for these training sessions on the SalesChain website at saleschain.com/training

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