When you are looking to partner with a company providing business enterprise software you need to know if this system be able to grow with you?  It is inefficient to invest in something that you will outgrow in a short period of time.  You don’t want to find yourselves using a different software product in a matter of just a few years.

SalesChain provides a system that is designed to support the needs of a complex organization, comprised of multiple business enterprises, managed by different teams and personalities with different perspectives.  Whether you are a small company with five dealers or a large company with 35 dealers, we can provide tailor-made solutions.  For example, you can adjust settings in the system for individual dealers and branches while retaining standard settings at the management or corporate level.  SalesChain has built-in adaptability to do just that.

SalesChain clients are always growing, whether it is the addition of a few new sales representatives, an internal promotion, or the addition of a whole new branch.  As an effective provider, our system needs to be able to provide viable, easily implemented solutions for all these situations.

Here Are 3 Ways the SalesChain System Scales with your Business:

  1. Cloud-Based CRM allows companies to easily add users or even new branches. You can import data from InfoUSA or other sources, assign existing accounts and territories to new reps, and managers can easily view reports and charting information from all the different branches and users from a single admin login.
  2. Delivery Workflow Automation and Status Tracking helps your infrastructure grow alongside your sales organization. Avoid growing pains in fulfillment as your sales team expands or sells more by automating processes like delivery notifications, scheduling, reminders, and more. Save time by pushing sales orders and other information directly into e-Automate rather than needing a staff member to keep up with this process manually.
  3. Dedicated Service Pricing, IT Service Pricing, and IT Products Pricing tools can help your dealership expand into new offerings that help your customers with the digital transformation (DX). If you already have these offerings, leverage cross-selling to include more offerings on a single proposal and help sell your customers more services.

We are a smaller company, focused on the office technology industry, but we take pride in the fact that our system is based on a scalable platform.  Because so many office technology dealers have complex hierarchies, they need to structure permissions and have careful and precise access to data and processes.  Our focus on the industry means that these features are purpose-built for companies with multiple dealerships.  One hundred percent of the tools built into our software product are designed for office technology, so we are not distracted by ideas or features that you will not use.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.