Used Equipment Selling Module

We have created a new utility that enables dealers to manage and publish a catalog with pricing details of their used equipment inventory via our direct integration to e-Automate! Our new module grants sales reps the ability to “Sign Out” used equipment and provide “Time to Sell” parameters.  One-click Add Used Equipment to Proposal makes it easy for your sales team to sell used equipment.   

  • This utility replaces all the manual work and aggravation caused by spreadsheets which are often used to manage this used equipment catalog. 
  • Within the Delivery Workflow system, we have added the ability for sales reps to mark the disposition of machine pickups to be “checked out for resale, allowing the dealer to hold the machine for resale for the sales rep. 

Interface Upgrades

 Say goodbye to yellow screens! We began the new year with a group of user interface upgrades. Our team has updated the interface for the: 

  • Contact entry form 
  • Task and task action entry forms
  • Note entry form
  • Email dialogue

Push Sales Rep Assignments to e-Automate

We have created a utility for the sales rep assignments stored within SalesChain to be synchronized or pushed to their corresponding e-Automate customer records.  This optional feature is now available as a part of our nightly integration. 

Enhancements to our e-Automate Integration

Our team has added a new View Invoicespopup window to allow privileged users to view Invoice History and Invoice Details. 

  • We expanded the presentation of Credit Profile and Credit Notes to include the AR Rep name and the Created By user for each note. 
  • We enhanced our Multi-Database integration to include both Prefix and Suffix numbering. SalesChain currently supports customers with 4 e-Automate databases that seamlessly integrate with one instance of SalesChain, providing consolidated pricing, sales metrics, delivery workflow, and commissions across complex businesses.   

Microsoft Azure Single Sign On

This update contains our new API integration to Azure Single Sign On (SSO).  

  • Users can “Log into SalesChain with Microsoft,” so they need only enter their password one time to the Microsoft environment in order to gain access to the SalesChain system.   
  • This feature applies to both the main web interface and the mobile interface.

Workflow Automation

We continue to build upon the success of our workflow utilities by providing new and improved methods and features in the following ways: 

UBB Service Minimum Charge 

  • We added a new feature that allows the dealer to configure and enforce a Minimum Charge amount for service on a machine.   
  • For example, a dealer may configure a minimum charge of $150/month for a particular machine.  The sales rep will then have the flexibility to change allocation and rate as needed so long as the combined value for the single or multiple meters meets the minimum target. 

IT Products and Managed Service Commissions 

We significantly enhanced the commissions utility to allow dealers to break out and pay commissions on IT Products and Managed Services. The commission system can be configured to: 

  • Pay a percent of IT Products gross revenue by either a fixed rate or by the sales rep’s commission rate for all sales reps or individually defined for reps using the commission plan rate. 
  • Pay a percent of IT Products gross profit by either a fixed rate or by the sales rep’s commission rate for all sales reps or individually defined for reps using the commission plan rate. 
  • Pay a percent of Managed Services gross revenue for a defined number of months by either a fixed rate for all sales reps or individually defined for reps using the commission plan rate. 
  • Pay a percent of Managed Services gross profit for a defined number of months by either a fixed rate for all sales reps or individually defined for reps using the commission plan rate. 
  • Pay a percent of “Block of Time” gross revenue using either a fixed rate for all sales reps or individually defined for reps using the commission plan rate. 

MRR Sales Revenue Accumulation 

  • We added a feature to our Order Breakdown CPQ tool that allows dealers to designate a set number of months of Managed Services and UBB Service revenue for sales revenue accumulation and commission basis.  
  • For example, when a sales rep sells a 36-month Managed Services agreement, the system can be configured such that the rep receives 12 months of the MRR towards board credit and/or commission revenue basis.

ConnectWise Manage Integration 

  • Setup Wizard: We are making it easier to configure integrations with ConnectWise Manage by creating a self-help configuration and setup utility that will allow dealers to enter their credentials and receive validated connectivity confirmation. 
  • Enhanced Data: Dealers may now push more data into ConnectWise during order creation. In addition, they can customize details with enhanced configuration preferences.  

Sales Rep Metrics 

As our dealers utilize more detailed sales metrics, we have added the following trackable measurements to our dataset: 

  • Number of representative units sold – This value is the accumulated number of rep-units sold for a given sales rep and period.  Dealers are allowed to identify the “representative number of units” for each catalog item sold.  
  • Number of representative licenses sold – This value is the accumulated number of rep-licenses sold for a given sales rep and period.  Dealers are allowed to identify the “representative number of licenses” for each catalog item sold.  Bundle packages of 25 user licenses can accurately be counted as 25. 

Enhanced Business Intelligence Dashboarding 

We have added four new dashboard templates, making it easier for users to create meaningful data presentations.  The create dashboard user interface was also improved to simplify the process of creating dashboards.  Here are a few examples: 

  • 2 over 2 
  • 3 even over 2 even over 1 over 1 
  • 3 even over 2 
  • 3 over 2 
  • 4 over 2 over 1 
  • 4 over 2 over 2
  • 4 over 2 

Tiered Lookup Utility 

  • We created a new tiered lookup utility that allows dealers to define tier schedules and either direct values or adjustment factors that can be used dynamically. This utility is going to be used for the commissions system initially to provide advanced tiered payout percentages, and we plan to utilize this utility with the service pricing module as well in future updates. 

SAP/Forza Integration 

  • We expanded the SAP integration to include full life service history and meter history.

Credit Desk 

We enhanced the user interface and functionality as follows: 

  • Added column headers to each of the credit application sub-tables instead of relying on just one on the top of the form.
  • Modified the Order link to take the user directly to the Finance tab instead of the default Pricing tab, saving the user time. 
  • We added eight additional fields to the securitized lease desk download that include dealer buy rate and dealer income. 
  • Added a Go to Credit Desk button to the Order/Finance tab form to route administrative users to the credit desk with the order number automatically displayed, saving users time when navigating and processing orders. 

E-Sign Documents 

  • We added the ability for users to view the E-Sign document history report right from the Order Breakdown’s Document tab.  This feature saves the user from having to navigate to the E-Sign Desk, an entirely separate screen, to view a document’s E-Sign History. 

Document Generation 

  • We have added a collection of IT Products and Services data merge fields to support the automated document generation of Managed Service Agreements, lease funding requests and other IT-Specific documentation. 

GreatAmerica Integration 

Our integration with GreatAmerica Financial Services has received a few updates: 

  • Portfolio Buyout and Upgrade Values – We expanded the portfolio integration with GAL to include four additional buyout/upgrade values, providing more options for sales reps to manage lease upgrades.  
  • Credit Application API – We upgraded our SOAP-based credit application submit utility to utilize GAL’s new Restful API, taking advantage of the newest capabilities that GAL has to offer its customers.  This upgrade ensures fast and accurate processing of credit applications and prepares us to enable all the future offerings from GAL. 

DLL Leasing Integration 

We continue to enhance the integration and workflow process in the following ways: 

  • We have completed the beta testing process with DLL’s new credit application submit Restful API utility.  After many months of testing, we are happy to announce the general release of this great feature. 


  • We updated the reports in the TCO module to include additional formatting and totals display. 

30-60-90 Forecast 

We added some additional fields and search capabilities to this forecast report that include: 

  • Delivery Date  
  • Data range option: we added Expired and 0-120 option. 

Lease Pricing 

  • We upgraded the lease pricing module to allow dealers to better utilize the Lease Adjustments feature by including the option for multiple adjustments to be selected for an order.   

Bonus Commissions 

  • We added a new feature to allow bonus commissions to be computed on sales revenue for the period.  We previously required the bonus to be paid on commission earnings revenue (i.e., reconciled revenue for the period). 

Mobile Asset Details 

  • We added the ability to view Accessories that are associated with Assets. 

Fixes and Tweaks

  1. SRA Assignment – We fixed an issue with assigning sales reps to new customers using the Bill To override rule. 
  2. Proposal Wizard – We reformatted this window to better support small laptop and tablet windows. 
  3. NASPO Pricing – We fixed an issue with NASPO pricing that was causing the pricing limit to be misinterpreted under certain conditions.  
  4. IT Product Catalog Search – We fixed an issue with the plain text search feature.  We also improved the drop-down option lists. 
  5. Credit Application Submit – We fixed an issue when submitting a credit application for approval with multiple lease buyout accounts defined that was causing the system to not process the request. 
  6. Bundled Lead Form – Fixed an issue where manually entered GP values were not summing properly on the new 30-60-90 forecast. 
  7. Parent Accounts – Fixed an issue where individual accounts were not appearing on searches for parent accounts. 
  8. Document Data Merge  
    • Added logic to properly reference and display the delivery job customer when it is the same value as the bill to. 
    • Fixed an issue where commission dollars were not displaying properly when no split rep was defined. 
    • Fixed an issue where primary machines were being skipped. 
  9. Monthly Rev Expectations report – We modified this report to expand the usage by not requiring dealers to have every sales rep have their commissions reconciled for the reporting period. 
  10. Fixed an issue where inventory levels where not displaying properly on the EAuto Sales Order Push form. 
  11. Fixed an issue where two of the drop-down boxes were not populating correctly on the EAuto Push Items form. 
  12. MS Catalog Items – Added logic to prohibit user from deleting items that are referenced as system default Block of Time item.  Removing a default item was causing the feature to error. 
  13. MS Exchange Integration  
    • Added a feature to allow dealers the option of only syncing appointments that are associated with Company and/or Contact records.  This eliminates personal and non-associated appointments. 
    • Added logic to exclude outsourced URLs (, @gmail, etc.) from the automated company association lookup routine.  User or contact emails will be used but final check on company URL will be excluded. 
    • Fixed an issue where excessively long email message subject lines caused an error. 
    • Fixed an issue where activities were not accumulating properly with some recurring appointments. 
  14. Bundled Lead Form – Fixed an issue where special characters caused a display issue. 

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