What This Webinar Covers:

Robin Fonck, Strategic Technology Analyst at GreatAmerica hosts Matthew Szczygiel, Client Success Manager at SalesChain, for a complete overview of their joint integration. Matthew will share a demo of the Digital Credit Application Entry process through the SalesChain CRM. Robin and Matthew will also share how GreatAmerica and SalesChain technologies and processes intersect to drive efficiencies and streamline workflows for their mutual solution provider customers.

This webinar includes: 

  • An overview of the points of integration between SalesChain and GreatAmerica
  • Demos of key integrations, starting with the Digital Credit Application process, and followed by overviews of the Pass-Through Charges, Application Status, Lease Data Updates and Digital Signature Integrations
  • An overview of the SalesChain Mobile App
  • A live Q&A session

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Driving Efficiencies with Digital Credit App Entry