Why Industry-Specific Automation Solutions Are Crucial for Mid-sized Office Technology Dealerships

Understanding the Landscape

Automation has become the cornerstone of business efficiency in the modern world. In the quest for operational excellence, many office technology dealerships are finding themselves at a crossroads – whether to adopt generic automation platforms or to invest in industry-specific solutions. As a leading business workflow automation platform, we here at SalesChain have witnessed the transformative power of tailored solutions firsthand. Let’s dive deep into why industry-specific automation is not just a choice but a necessity for mid-sized office technology dealerships.  

Mid-sized office technology dealerships operate within a unique ecosystem. They handle complex product inventories, maintain intricate supplier relationships, and cater to a diverse clientele with specific demands. Generic automation platforms, though feature-rich, often fall short in addressing the niche challenges presented by this industry. 

Advantages of Tailored Solutions:

  • Customized Workflows: Every office technology dealership has its unique way of conducting business, influenced by its client base, regional factors, and operational strategies. Generic platforms, while versatile, often operate on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. On the other hand, industry-specific platforms are designed with the intricacies of office technology dealerships in mind. They provide an environment where workflows can be meticulously tailored to mirror the day-to-day tasks and challenges, ensuring a seamless transition from manual processes to automated systems. This configurability not only makes onboarding easier but also ensures that employees feel the system is built for them, enhancing user adoption and operational efficiency. 


  • Integrated CRM/CPQ: The integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tools and functionality is not just about software compatibility. It’s about creating a unified customer journey from initial contact to the final sale. An industry-specific solution ensures that CRM data flows seamlessly into the CPQ system, guaranteeing accurate quotes based on real-time customer information. This synergy not only reduces errors but also speeds up the sales cycle, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting revenue. 


  • Data Relevance: In today’s data-driven world, the problem isn’t just about accessing data; it’s about accessing the right data. Generic platforms might overwhelm users with a deluge of metrics, many of which might not be pertinent to the office technology sector. Tailored solutions prioritize data relevance, ensuring that dealerships get actionable insights specific to their industry. By filtering out the noise, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and predict industry trends with greater accuracy. 


  • Streamlined Vendor Partnerships: Strong relationships with vendors are the backbone of successful office technology dealerships. These relationships hinge on efficient communication, timely data exchanges, and an understanding of vendor protocols. Industry-specific automation platforms come pre-equipped with functionalities that cater to common vendor requirements in the office technology domain. This ensures quick integration, real-time data sharing, and a solid foundation for trust between dealerships and their vendor partners. In the long run, streamlined vendor partnerships lead to better product availability, improved negotiation capabilities, and enhanced customer service. 

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So, how do you ensure you’re choosing the right industry-specific solution?

  • Assess the Ecosystem: At the core of a successful automation solution is its adaptability to your industry’s ecosystem. When evaluating a platform, it’s essential to scrutinize its track record. Does it have substantial success stories from other office technology dealerships? Are there testimonials from trusted figures within the industry? Customer reviews, both positive and critical, offer a lens into the platform’s real-world performance, giving potential adopters a sense of how the system may integrate into their operations. This assessment provides a foundation of trust and credibility for your investment. 


  • Flexibility & Scalability: The business landscape is in constant flux, shaped by emerging technologies, shifting consumer preferences, and evolving market dynamics. Your chosen platform should be agile, able to pivot in response to your current demands. But beyond immediate flexibility, consider the platform’s long-term scalability. As your dealership grows, can the solution grow with you? Scalability ensures that you won’t outgrow the platform in a few years, offering long-term value and minimizing the disruption of transitioning to new systems down the line. 


  • Integration Capabilities: A platform can have a wealth of features, but if it exists in isolation from your other tools and systems, its efficacy diminishes. The right solution should integrate smoothly with your existing software — be it for inventory management, finance, delivery processing, or other essential functions. Seamless integration ensures that data flows uninterrupted across systems, reducing redundancy, minimizing errors, and bolstering operational cohesion. Remember, the best platforms are those that amplify the value of your existing tools, rather than sideline them. 


  • Support & Training: The real value of an automation solution isn’t just in its features but in its usability. Even the most advanced platform can fall short without adequate user training and support. As you evaluate options, prioritize those that offer comprehensive training programs tailored to your industry’s nuances. Furthermore, post-deployment support is crucial. Consider platforms that offer dedicated support teams familiar with the challenges specific to office technology dealerships. The right guidance can bridge the gap between a platform’s potential and its realized value within your organization. 


Choosing the right platform is more than a technical decision—it’s a strategic one. By delving into these considerations, dealerships can ensure they’re investing in a solution that aligns with their present needs and future aspirations, fostering growth, efficiency, and sustained industry leadership. 

Your Trusted Partner in Office Technology Automation

At SalesChain, we pride ourselves on our deep-rooted expertise in the office technology landscape. With years of experience serving mid-sized dealerships, we understand the nuances and intricacies of your business. Our platform is designed not just to automate but to elevate. From intuitive CRM/CPQ services to industry-specific workflows, SalesChain is more than just a solution—it’s a partnership. As the world of office technology evolves, let us be your beacon, guiding you toward operational excellence with unmatched precision and passion. 

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Navigating the Future of Office Tech Sales

As the office technology channel evolves at breakneck speed, dealerships find themselves faced with a complex challenge: How can they stay competitive while ensuring operational efficiency? Many successful dealerships are embracing “business automation,” a concept that is rapidly transforming the industry. In this edition of The Link, we will delve into the reasons why business automation is essential in today’s industry and offer a practical guide on how to implement it effectively. 

Why Business Automation Matters for Mid-Sized Dealerships

In the bustling world of office technology, sales processes can often feel like a tangled web of interactions and decisions. This complexity, coupled with repetitive tasks and data management, can drain valuable time and resources. Enter business automation: your solution for transforming this web into a streamlined, efficient pathway to sales success. 

  • Boosting Efficiency: By automating repetitive tasks like data entry or quote generation, your sales team can shift their focus towards more strategic, high-value activities. This efficiency translates into better time management and productivity for your dealership. 
  • Ensuring Accuracy: In our industry, small errors in contracts or quotes can lead to big headaches. Automating these processes reduces the risk of human error, ensuring accuracy and boosting customer confidence. 
  • Scalable Operations: As your dealership expands, so do the demands on your sales processes. An effective business automation system scales with you, effortlessly accommodating growth and change. 
  • Enriching the Customer Experience: Today’s office technology clients expect speedy, seamless service. Automation frees your team to invest more time in building customer relationships and delivering personalized service—providing a competitive edge in an industry where customer loyalty is crucial. 

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Guiding Your Dealership to Automation Success

Transforming sales processes through automation may seem like a tall order, but with careful planning and the right tools, it can be a smooth transition. Here is a step-by-step guide: 

  • Identify Your Needs: Examine your sales process to pinpoint repetitive, time-consuming tasks. These are your prime targets for automation. 
  • Select the Right Solution: Seek a business automation platform tailored to the specific needs of office technology dealerships like yours. An industry-specific solution provides targeted features and functionalities that directly address the unique challenges of your sector. 
  • Empower Your Team: Equip your staff with the training they need to confidently use new automation tools. Remember, the most successful automation initiatives are driven by a well-prepared team. 
  • Monitor and Refine: After implementing automation, regularly review its effectiveness. This allows you to identify areas for improvement and fine-tune your system for optimal results. 

Key Takeaways

Automation in business is not a passing trend—it’s the future of effective, efficient sales processes. For office technology dealerships seeking to improve productivity, ensure accuracy, and offer superior customer experience, it’s the only road worth travelling. 

At SalesChain, we are passionate about helping office technology dealerships navigate their automation journey. Our industry-leading business workflow automation platform specializes in CRM/CPQ services, designed to streamline and optimize your sales process. 

Take the next step towards sales success and learn more about SalesChain’s transformative capabilities today! 

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SalesChain Releases Version 8.6, Featuring an upgraded Financial Breakdown Tool, Recurring Revenue Tracking, and a Full Leaf Commercial Capital Integration

Significant Upgrades >> Financial Services Screen  

  • We have a new financial breakdown to upgrade interaction with finance companies. 
  • We significantly enhanced lease upgrade and buyout capabilities to allow users to individually select assets from one or more finance companies to segregate and detail buyout processes.  
  • Linked to new service takeover tool, analysis tool, and TCO tool.  

Significant Update >> Recurring Revenue Tracking 

  • We have added the ability to define “Recurring Revenue” catalog items. 
  • We added a breakout column on the pricing grid to allow for the mixing of revenue and recurring revenue-based products. 
  • Dedicated pricing/proposal generation tool for water and other advanced product


New>> Leaf Commercial Capital Integration 

  • SalesChain has implemented a major integration with Leaf Commercial Capital, featuring: 
    • Portfolio synchronization 
    • Credit application submittal 
    • Automated credit decision retrieval and notification 

Evolved Office Integration  

  • This is a major integration that includes campaign creation, workflow notifications, and more. 


Other Enhancements in this Update

New>> Canon Configurator Shortcut 

  • We added a shortcut under the “Sales” menu to Canon’s Configurator Portal


BETA>> Canon Financial Services  

  • We have developed an automated API to manage the lease portfolio. 


Great America Leasing Integration 

  • We added a variable setting to enforce the finance company requirements of specific data before allowing the users to submit credit applications via the SalesChain API leasing portal.  
  • In this case, GAL requested that a phone number and internal contact be provided to speed up processing times. 


Service Takeover (FM Audit Import) 

  •  We have added the ability for sales reps to import FMAudit sourced DCA (Data Collection Agent) reports within the service takeover utility saving the time and effort of manual entry. 

Make Public Views  

  • We added the ability to create “Public” views so that with our popular views feature, manager and admin users can create useful views and share them with others in the company. 

Expanded Order Fulfillment Workflow  

  • This notifications feature will include dynamic HTML based email templates with expanded data merge capabilities.  
  • Communicate order status changes to sales and operations more clearly and with more detailed information. 
  • Added flexibility for better operational workflow by allowing tailored messaging to the right people involved in fulfilling orders. 
  • More informed employees make more informed customers, which makes happier customers. 

Order Status Change History  

  • We added a table to the OBD general table that shows the history of the order status changes. We also added a new popup note entry field so that when a user changes the status of an order, they can enter an optional note to describe what/why the change is being made. [@workflow, @communication] 

Tiered/Scaled Commission Rates  

  • We enhanced our tiered commission scaling to allow for “Cap” and “Floor” settings which provide limits and consequences based on performance and commission level. Dealers can offer a “Skinny Deal” commission schedule with a floor of X that below pays zero or high level that pays zero to force the sales rep to switch to the next level plan. 

Scaled Commissions  

  • We added a scaling mechanism to the percentage-based commission role to allow for dollar-based tiers for computing commissions. For example, if you wish to pay a referral fee based on deal size, you may create tiered ranges of 0 – 10k, 10k – 20k, etc…. and pay more for larger deals. [@commissions] 

Link Price Level with Commission Level 

  • We added a feature to optionally set the commission level on an order based on the selected price level. This allows the dealer to publish special pricing levels with specific commission plans. It also eliminates the need for the sales rep to select the right plan for a special deal.  

Service Chargeback  

  • This will be limited to a certain number of months based on the contract term. 

Lease Desk  

  • We expanded the filtering to include the Sales Rep Category so that dealers that are selling multiple products (like IT and Water and Mail) can view the lease portfolio from their perspective. Water sales reps want to see water leases. [@bundled, @water, @forecasting] 
  • Sales reps can access data specific to their needs and not have to sort through other data, thus saving time. 

Credit Desk  

  • We add the save preferences “Cog” feature to further allow users to customize their use of SalesChain by saving preferences. 

Pickup & Movement Dispositions  

  • We added an admin user maintenance option so that Dealers can customize the disposition types. Prior to this, the values were hard coded by SalesChain. 

Block Of Time & E-Automate Sales Order Create  

  • We added the block of time schedule to the sales order within e-Automate, further integrating the two systems. We also expanded the data merge properties available for seamless document creation. [@blockoftime, @eautomate, @documentation, @integrations] 

Order Desk  

  • We added Credit Status filtering criteria to the Order Desk providing more flexibility in searching orders by their credit status. A credit status indicator was added for each order to clearly present information as to the credit status of orders. [@creditprocessing, @workflow, @informationsharing] 


  • We removed the CC and BCC properties from the email template when sending a request for signature. These fields were previously locked, making it unnecessary to view them. 

User Activity Reporting  

  • We added the ability to create User Activity Groups, which sum the combined value of actions. This allows managers to add columns to the activity summary report that shows “Touches” as the sum of Phone Calls, In Person Prospecting, and Customer Care Calls.  

Prospect Classification  

  • We added logic to the proposal and order pricing tool to allow users to manipulate the prospect classification properties from within the General tab of the OBD. This way reps can update properties to better manage their forecasting and sales metrics without having to go into other forms. 

E-Automate Configurations  

  • We added a feature to allow dealers to utilize the e-Automate Configurations within the IT Products catalog lookup utility to accommodate dealers that have configured technology catalogs such as Point of Sales Production within the DQM project module.  

Recurring Revenue  

  • We have added the ability to define “Recurring Revenue” catalog items and have added a breakout column on the pricing grid to allow for the mixing of revenue and recurring revenue-based products. 

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Company Activity History – We fixed an issue where appointments that were synchronized from Microsoft Exchange were showing as unrecognizable “plain text HTML” instead of a properly translated message.  
  • Customer & Customer Target Viewer – We added the “Does Not Contain” criteria to the grid filters. 
  • Service Pricing Bundles – We fixed an issue where when only color meters were bundled the documents did not show the black/white meters correctly. 
  • OBD IT Products Grid – we fixed an issue that was not allowing users to enter decimal values. 
  • Ingram Micro Quote Import – we fixed an issue where duplicate IT catalog items were being created. 

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Surviving the AI Shift

Setting the Scene

The surge of technology in our daily lives has been relentless, and this tide is not going to stop. As each wave of digital innovation crashes to shore, a new one is ready to take its place. The most recent – and arguably the most transformational of all – is artificial intelligence (AI). It’s not just a buzzword anymore. Platforms such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT have taken the forefront in recent months and have been shown to have capabilities far beyond traditional software programs.  

You may be feeling anxious amidst all the noise of AI talk. We at SalesChain understand that not all organizations are ready to – or even need to – dive headlong into AI integration. Let’s not forget that technological progress is only productive when it aligns with your business objectives. AI is not the only ticket to success. In this week’s blog post, we’ll explore how you, as an office technology dealer, can ride this AI wave and find solid ground in the middle of this digital transformation. 

Embrace Adaptability 

As Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” For dealerships, this means evolving beyond traditional business models to embrace new ways of working. This includes leveraging digital tools to enhance operational efficiency, but it doesn’t necessarily imply a complete AI overhaul. 

Capitalize on the Human Touch 

AI can crunch numbers faster than any human ever could. It can predict trends and automate processes. But there is one thing it can’t do: replicate the human touch. Genuine interactions, thoughtful customer service, relationship building – these are the areas where your dealership can go beyond rote data analysis and truly shine in the eyes of your customers.  

AI might be the talk of the town, but remember that people do business with people. Make the most of this strength. Position your dealership as a people-centric organization that values relationships above all. 

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT

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Foster Digital Literacy 

While full-fledged AI might not be on your agenda, it is crucial to keep pace with digital transformation. Invest in training your staff in digital skills. Equip them with a solid understanding of the digital ecosystem – from CRM platforms to data analytics tools. You do not need to build AI experts. However, fostering a workforce that is comfortable with digital tools will drive your dealership’s success in this new era. 

Invest in a Robust CRM/CPQ Solution 

While AI is making waves, other technological tools continue to prove their worth. A robust CRM/CPQ solution can and will streamline your operations, boost sales efficiency, and enhance your customers’ experience. Platforms like these have been at the core of successful office technology dealerships for years. CRM/CPA solutions can provide your dealership with data-driven insights that guide your strategy and gauge your success.  

Key Takeaways

The AI shift might seem daunting but remember – it’s not an all-or-nothing game. Not every business needs to be at the forefront of AI to be successful. It is about charting your own course, one that aligns with your business objectives and values. 

Embrace adaptability, capitalize on the human touch, foster digital literacy, and invest in proven technological tools like CRM/CPQ solutions. In this era of rapid technological advancement, it is about mastering the art of balance – leveraging the best of technology while staying grounded in what makes your dealership unique.  

At SalesChain, we understand this balance. Our business workflow automation platform provides the digital backbone you need to streamline your operations and grow in this ever-changing landscape. Even in a world increasingly mesmerized by AI, we stay rooted in delivering tools and services that make a tangible difference to your dealership’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

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5 Signs Your CRM Is Leaving You Behind

Setting The Scene

As an office technology dealer, you already know the importance of utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) system in the industry today. CRM systems have been widely available for over a decade, and successful dealerships have been employing these systems for just as long. However, as your business grows over the years, your CRM must evolve to stay relevant. Over time, a CRM platform that was initially a great fit for your business can grow into a hinderance. But how can you tell if your CRM may not be as good a fit for your business as it once was?

In this blog post, we’ll explore five signs that your current CRM platform may be hindering your progress and leaving your business behind.   

Missing Industry-Specific Features:  

Adapting to the unique challenges and requirements of the office technology industry is pivotal for sustained growth. If your CRM platform lacks industry-specific features, it might be stunting your business potential. Each industry has its own nuances and utilizing a CRM solution designed specifically for the office technology channel can provide you with a competitive advantage. By leveraging a CRM platform that understands the intricacies of your industry, you can optimize your workflow, streamline processes, and better serve your customers’ evolving needs. Look for features like equipment tracking, service management, contract renewal reminders, and customized workflows tailored to your specific business requirements. 


Integration Challenges:  

Operating in a digitally interconnected ecosystem demands seamless integration between your CRM platform and other essential business tools. If your current CRM platform fails to offer robust integration options, it may harm your team’s productivity and limit your growth potential. Efficiently managing your office technology business requires synchronizing data and workflows across various systems. Embracing a CRM platform that prioritizes integration capabilities can enhance collaboration, centralize data, and fuel operational efficiency. Look for a CRM solution that seamlessly integrates with commonly used software in the office technology industry, such as ConnectWise Manage, e-Automate, Hubspot, finance companies, and more. This ensures a cohesive and streamlined workflow, eliminating duplicate data entry, and reducing manual errors. 

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT

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Data-Driven Decision-Making:  

Informed decision-making is a hallmark of successful businesses. However, if your CRM platform doesn’t provide adequate reporting and analytics capabilities, you might be missing out on valuable insights. Harnessing a CRM platform that offers advanced reporting and analytics tools can empower you to make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward. Look for features like customizable dashboards, comprehensive reports, and visualizations that provide actionable insights into your sales pipeline, customer behavior, service performance, and overall business trends. This allows you to identify growth opportunities, optimize resource allocation, and enhance customer satisfaction. 


Embracing Mobility:  

The ability to access and update CRM data on the go is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. If your current CRM platform lacks robust mobile capabilities, you may be falling behind. Embracing a CRM platform that prioritizes mobility can enhance productivity, responsiveness, and collaboration in your business. A mobile-friendly CRM client enables your sales team to access real-time customer information, update records, and track activities while in the field. This ensures that they are always equipped with the latest data, allowing for more meaningful customer interactions and timely follow-ups. Look for a CRM provider that offers a user-friendly mobile client with features such as offline access, contact mapping, and seamless synchronization between mobile and desktop devices. 


The Power of Expert Support:  

Having access to proactive support and industry expertise can significantly impact your CRM experience. If you’re currently facing challenges with support or lacking industry-specific guidance, it’s time to consider a change. Partnering with a CRM provider that specializes in serving the office technology industry can ensure you have the knowledge and resources to thrive in a rapidly changing business landscape. Look for a CRM provider that offers comprehensive onboarding assistance, ongoing training, and a responsive support team. Industry-specific expertise means that your CRM provider understands the challenges and pain points unique to your business, allowing them to offer tailored guidance and strategic insights to help you achieve your goals. 

Embrace Innovation and Propel Your Office Technology Business Forward with SalesChain’s Industry-Specific CRM:

In the dynamic office technology industry, relying on an outdated CRM platform can hinder your progress and limit your potential. Recognizing the signs that your current CRM is holding you back is the first step toward embracing innovation. As a thought leader, SalesChain encourages you to evaluate your CRM platform’s ability to cater to your office technology needs. Embrace a CRM solution designed specifically for the office technology industry that offers industry-specific features, robust integration options, advanced reporting and analytics, mobile capabilities, and dedicated support from industry experts. By making the switch to a CRM platform that understands your industry, you can unlock the full potential of your office technology business, stay ahead of the competition, and drive sustainable growth. Contact SalesChain today to learn more about how our industry-specific CRM can empower your business for success. 

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Stephen Cook and Ryan Skinner of Function4 Talk SalesChain

SalesChain, founded in 2002, provides cloud-based technology solutions to office technology resellers and manufacturers.

Originally focused on improving sales teams’ information, organization, and automation capabilities, with a particular emphasis on managing lease portfolio turnovers, SalesChain has evolved into the office technology industry’s premiere business workflow automation platform.

SalesChain users Ryan Skinner and Stephen Cook from Function4 recently sat down with Andy Slawetsky of Industry Analysts to discuss how SalesChain was able to revolutionize Function4’s sales process.

SOURCE: Industry Analysts Inc.

View the Video

Ryan Skinner and Stephen Cook talk with Andy Slawetsky about how SalesChain revolutionized their sales process.

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Maximizing Business Growth: Measuring the ROI of Your CRM Investment

Framing Your Approach

In the office technology industry today, leading dealerships have already embraced the power of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and understand its importance in driving business growth. With a CRM platform already implemented within your company, it is time to delve deeper into measuring the return on investment (ROI) to optimize its potential. In this blog post, we explore different strategies for measuring the ROI of your CRM investment, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your CRM system. 

Understanding the Impact of Your CRM Investment

By now, you are aware of the numerous benefits that a CRM system brings to your office technology dealership. It empowers your team to streamline sales processes, nurture customer relationships, and make data-driven decisions. However, measuring the ROI allows you to gain deeper insights into how effectively your CRM investment is driving your dealership’s success. 

Measuring the ROI of Your CRM Investment

Establish Clear Objectives:

To accurately measure the ROI, it is essential to have clearly defined objectives that align with your company’s growth strategy. These objectives could include increasing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, improving customer satisfaction scores, or optimizing sales cycle efficiency. By setting measurable goals, you can evaluate the impact of your CRM system on achieving these objectives. 

 Quantify Tangible and Intangible Benefits:

ROI calculations should consider both tangible and intangible benefits derived from your CRM investment. Tangible benefits include increased sales revenue, reduced customer acquisition costs, and improved lead conversion rates. Intangible benefits encompass enhanced customer satisfaction, improved team collaboration, and some aspects of increased efficiency. Gathering feedback from your sales and customer service teams can help capture these intangible benefits. 

 Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

As experienced CRM users, you are likely already tracking relevant KPIs to measure the performance of your sales and marketing efforts. These KPIs may include metrics such as revenue growth, customer retention rates, customer lifetime value, or sales cycle length. Leverage your CRM system’s analytics capabilities to monitor these KPIs and identify trends and patterns that can further optimize your ROI. 

 Conduct Comparative Analysis:

To understand the impact of your CRM investment, compare pre- and post-implementation data. Analyze sales revenue, customer retention rates, and other relevant metrics to identify improvements directly attributable to your CRM system. By isolating these changes, you can attribute them to your CRM investment and assess its effectiveness. 

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT

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Calculate ROI

Calculate the ROI by subtracting the total costs associated with your CRM investment from the total benefits gained. Costs may include licensing fees, configuration, training, and ongoing maintenance expenses. Benefits can be measured using increased revenue, reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction, and other identified metrics. Divide the net benefit by the total costs and multiply by 100 to obtain the ROI percentage. 

Remember, your CRM system is a dynamic tool that evolves alongside your dealership. Continuously monitor and optimize your CRM investment by refining workflows, adjusting strategies, and leveraging data insights. Regularly reassess your KPIs, seek feedback from your teams, and explore new features and integrations that enhance your CRM’s effectiveness. 

Unleashing the Full Potential: Optimizing ROI with SalesChain’s CRM Solution

As decision-makers who already have a CRM platform implemented in your office technology dealership, measuring the ROI of your CRM investment is a critical step toward unlocking its full potential. By establishing clear objectives, quantifying tangible and intangible benefits, tracking relevant KPIs, conducting comparative analysis, calculating ROI, and continuously optimizing your CRM system, you can ensure that your investment continues to drive business growth and deliver tangible results. SalesChain is here to support you on this journey, offering comprehensive tools and expertise to maximize your CRM’s ROI. 

Ready to unlock the full potential of your CRM investment and drive even greater ROI for your office technology dealership?  

Look no further than SalesChain, the trusted industry leader in business automation tools for over 20 years. With our in-house developed CRM platform and comprehensive suite of essential integrations, SalesChain empowers you to maximize your CRM’s impact on ROI. Schedule a personalized demo today and discover how SalesChain can help you streamline sales processes, enhance customer relationships, and achieve sustainable growth. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your dealership’s success. Choose SalesChain and experience the difference firsthand. 

Book a call –> https://meetings.hubspot.com/kimberly-young 

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SalesChain Releases Version 8.5 Featuring Block of Time Pricing Tool, Colorized Social Media Links, and Clear All Search Parameters Button

NEW>> Block of Time Pricing Tool  

This new feature allows users to quickly build scope of work project proposals individually or as part of a bundled IT Product and Service engagement.   

Key features include: 

  • Dedicated catalog SKUs for simplified selection. 
  • Advanced payment term calculations that allow you to provide payment terms or include BOT revenue in the lease. 
  • Generating proposals and contract documents is a simple click of a button, shortening the time to quote all with fewer errors. 

NEW>> Colorized Social Media Links 

  • The social media links that we added in version 8.4 for ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter were enhanced to include colorization.  These links will appear as blue if the link exists or grey if they are not entered. 

New>> Clear All Search Parameters Button 

  • The “Clear All” feature has been added to 5 additional forms that include Competitive Equipment Desk, Customer Profile Target Viewer, Machines in Field Desk, Order Desk, and the Used Equipment Desk.   
  • The extension of this already popular feature provides a simple “one-click” method to clear all search criteria.  

Other Enhancements in this Update

Sales Order Push to e-Automate 

  • We added a feature that allows lease buyout values to be pushed to e-Auto as negative values for the designated item.  

Merge Accounts 

  • Enhanced the Merge Company form to display additional primary key values including the ConnectWise Customer ID, Customer Site ID, and the ZoomInfo ID. 

Used Equipment Inventory  

  • We added a more advanced integration criteria to allow used equipment to be pulled from e-Automate using a dynamic “Where…” fashion that is compatible with MS SQL Server.   

Order Status Email Notifications  

  • We added additional email recipients for notifications to be sent when Order Status changes are made.

ZoomInfo Integration  

  • We added logic to support the addition of the ZoomInfoSiteID.

e-Automate Sales Order Integration 

  • We greatly enhanced the integration forms to better communicate the variable options available for pushing orders. 
  • We excluded service take over items from the push.    

Task Viewer Enhancements 

  • The Task Viewer form has been modified to include additional features that include color coding, enhanced searching, saved preferences, and populating company names. 

Fixes and Tweaks

  • The IT Products pricing page was modified to allow decimal values within the dealer cost, rep cost, and sell price properties. 
  • We fixed an issue with the Bundled Lead form that was not allowing product types that were not already priced within the associated proposal to be entered. 
  • We enhanced the CEO Juice QBR request to allow for a system parm property setting the desired number of months instead of using the hardcoded 6 months. 
  • We fixed a time zone issue with the Delivery Job Work item activity dates and times. 
  • Added new data merge fields representing  
  • IT Bundle Name 
  • Lease Base Rate & Lease Adjust Factor (Indexed) 
  • We fixed an issue with the MS Outlook integration that was failing to properly save the keys. 
  • We widened the Order Number field on the Order Pricing screen. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Ingram Micro quote import to link items to the catalog. 

SalesChain Version 8.4 Featuring New Evolved Office Integration, ConnectWise Integration Enhancements, Microsoft Word Enhancements

New>> Evolved Office Integration  

This capable and easy-to-use integration, developed with the design guidance of Evolved Office CEO Marc Spring, allows dealers to maximize the power and potential of effective marketing, communication, and lead generation.  

This integration allows end users to:  

  • Create campaigns. 
  • View activity. 
  • Seamlessly open and view Evolved Office from within SalesChain. 
  • Search to target interested prospects. 


Significant Updates>> ConnectWise Integration 

As we’ve rolled out our IT integrations and pricing tools with larger IT dealers, we have been able to add a great deal of sophistication and broader features to our ConnectWise Manage integration, enhancing the details available to our dealers.  

We added a feature to allow documents such as sales orders, agreements, and others that are generated (and possibly e-signed) to be pushed into ConnectWise Manage.   This is as much a workflow utility as it is a document tool. The ability to have a single secure location for document storage will be of great assistance to dealers.  

  • Documents are converted into PDFs and pushed into ConnectWise.  
  • Attachments can be carried over to ConnectWise in their native formats such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. 

  • We expanded the integration to ConnectWise Manage (CW) to allow opportunity product types.  For example, if an IT request is submitted for managed services, it can be placed on a different board than VOIP or telephony. 
  • We added the ability to select or create contacts on the fly while pushing an order to CW. 
  • We added security privileges to the CW push buttons on the customer and order forms to limit access to this functionality.  The CW numbers for the relative records will always be displayed if they exist. 


NEW>> Edit Documents in Microsoft Word 

  • Our document generation and editing tools have received major upgrades, starting with the ability to allow select document templates, such as proposals, to be exported from SalesChain in .docx format for editing in MS Word. 
  • This change applies to non-legal documents only. SalesChain will not allow legal documents to be exported in editable formats to ensure the security and viability of legal terms and conditions.   

NOTE: If Word-enabled and non-Word-enabled documents are combined into a single package, the entire package will be locked and export to Word will not be enabled for the package. 

  • To make this distinction clear, we’ve added a “W” indicator next to document templates that are MS Word enabled. 

Other Enhancements in this Update

NEW>> SalesChain Learn 

  • SalesChain is announcing the release of a new online learning format titled “SalesChain Learn.” This online platform contains a series of courses that allow busy sales representatives, managers, and administrative staff, who require an efficient and effective way to get up to speed quickly, to engage in self-directed training. 
  • The platform’s courses cover many aspects of the SalesChain system – including basic navigation, CRM, and CPQ, as well as management functions. More courses are on the way as we continue to expand the project. 

New>> Tiered Commissions Schedule

  • We expanded our commission utility to include a new feature that allows dealers to define a “Tiered Schedule” for commission rates. Managers can now create a stepped structure for commission. For example, if the sales rep order generates a given range of achievement (in GP or Revenue for example), they may earn a given value or percentage of that base.

Customer Profile Targeting Viewer

  • We’ve added columns to the Customer Profile Target Viewer for each of our 6 priority contacts. Each of these columns displays the priority contact’s name, email, and title. The priority contact type is displayed in the column header.
  • The industry column, which contains the SIC code description, was renamed to SIC Description to avoid confusion. An Industry Groups column (Which represents filtering for multiple SIC codes) was also added to correspond to the drop-down search on the left for Industry Groups.

Task Viewer User Interface

  • We created a new version of the Task Viewer form as part of the continuation of our interface redevelopment project.

IT Products Catalog Lookup

  • We modified the drop-down selection lists for MFG, Vendor, and Model to only show values that have existing catalog items for the criteria selected.

Managed Services Product Lookup

  • We expanded the search options within the grid to include “Contains”, “Equals”, “Not Equal”, and “Begins With”.

ZoomInfo Integration

  • We’ve expanded the amount of data that can be returned from ZoomInfo. Many dealers are utilizing ZoomInfo to cleanse and augment their customer and prospecting data.  This upgrade includes added social media links to the Customer Profile form for Linked In, Zoom Info, and Twitter.

Forecast 30-60-90

  • We modified this report to provide the option to view by month or by dates out from today.

Forecast by Status

  • We updated this report as part of the user interface upgrade project.

Sales Rep Activity Detail Report

  • We added the ability to include Private Groups criteria in this report. Administrative users may view and use private groups of users within their hierarchy.

Customer Profile

  • We modified the form to enforce the rule of the e-Auto locked field. Previously, users would be allowed to edit name, address, county, etc. but when saved, the database would not actually be updated.  After saving, the view form was not updated to show the user that the fields were not actually updated, causing a false presentation of the data.

Bulk Import Utilities

  • As more dealers join the SalesChain family, more data from varying sources is being imported into our system. Over the past year, we’ve greatly expanded our data import utilities to expedite this data migration.  Here are just a few of the recent enhancements:
    • Importation of company, contact, and contract documentation from ConnectWise Manage
    • Complete CRM conversions for Microsoft Dynamics, and SalesForce.com

Document Generation

  • We have added several new data merge fields that include:
  • Subtotal and subtotal rollup data merge properties for bundled solutions.
  • Added CM merge fields to delivery job documentation.
  • We added rollover document logic for document management and scanning service templates.
  • We added an icon to the OBD Documents form that allows users to generate an e-Sign History report for document packages marked for e-Sign.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • We modified the prospect/opportunity save process to update the probability of close percent based on the associated value of the prospect status. 
  • We fixed the e-Auto serial number pull within the OBD Delivery Job form. 
  • We fixed an issue with Tasks that was causing the incorrect time to display.  
  • We improved the messaging that is returned by Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On when credentials are not able to be validated. 
  • We fixed an issue with the Managed Services Product Lookup form that was causing the total count to not refresh when searching criteria is entered.  We also fixed an issue with the quantity and sell price search fields. 
  • We fixed an issue with the naming convention of the Hawaiian Standard Time zone that was causing times to display incorrectly. 
  • We added a safety mechanism to our DLL Integration to trap connectivity errors when synchronizing the nightly lease portfolios. 

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

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How to Optimize Your Copier CRM

Skyrocket Your Office Technology Sales with a Turbocharged CRM/CPQ Platform

In the fast-paced office technology industry, maintaining a competitive edge is crucial. To streamline sales processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth, businesses are increasingly turning to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) platforms.  

However, merely purchasing these powerful tools is not enough. Organizations must optimize their CRM/CPQ platforms to maximize efficiency and user adoption.  

In this blog post, we will explore key strategies to help you unlock the full potential of your CRM/CPQ platform and stay ahead in the office technology industry. 

Align Your CRM/CPQ with Sales Processes

One of the primary objectives of implementing a CRM/CPQ platform is to enhance sales efficiency. To achieve this, it is crucial to align the platform with your sales processes. Take the time to map out your existing workflows, identify bottlenecks, and customize your CRM/CPQ accordingly. By configuring the platform to mirror your unique sales stages, you can streamline approvals, cut out redundant or unnecessary steps, and ensure a seamless sales journey.


Leverage Data Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Data is the lifeblood of any CRM/CPQ platform. Make the most of it by leveraging advanced analytics capabilities. Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business goals, such as conversion rates, average deal size, or sales cycle duration. By regularly monitoring these metrics and analyzing trends, you can gain valuable insights into your sales performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your CRM/CPQ platform further.

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT

Watch this brief video to learn a bit about where our offering is heading in 2023!

Integrate Your CRM/CPQ with Other Systems

Office technology businesses rely on multiple systems and tools for various functions, such as marketing automation, inventory management, or finance. Integrating your CRM/CPQ platform with these systems can eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and enable a unified view of customer information across the organization. Seamless integration empowers your sales team to access real-time data, collaborate effectively, and deliver personalized experiences to customers, thereby boosting efficiency and productivity.


Automate Routine Tasks and Workflows

Automation is a game-changer when it comes to CRM/CPQ optimization. Identify repetitive tasks, such as data entry, quote generation, or contract preparation, and automate them within your platform. Workflow automation can significantly reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and free up valuable time for your sales team to focus on building relationships and closing deals. Additionally, automated workflows ensure consistency and adherence to best practices across your organization.


Implement User Training and Support

To fully maximize the efficiency of your CRM/CPQ platform, invest in comprehensive user training and ongoing support. Provide your sales team with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the platform effectively. Offer regular training sessions, create a knowledge base or FAQ resource, and encourage continuous learning. Additionally, establish a dedicated support system to address user queries promptly and proactively troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Empowered users will harness the full potential of your CRM/CPQ platform, contributing to enhanced efficiency and improved results.

Transform the Capabilities of Your CRM/CPQ with SalesChain

Ready to revolutionize your sales processes and unlock the full potential of your CRM/CPQ platform? Discover how SalesChain can be optimized to streamline your sales process and drive unprecedented efficiency. With an extensive range of integrations and a proven 20-year track record, SalesChain is the solution you need to stay ahead in the industry.  

Take the next step towards sales success and learn more about SalesChain’s transformative capabilities today! 

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Ready to Streamline Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.