SalesChain and Vision-E Partner to Migrate MobilePro Users

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Matthew Szczygiel
Marketing Manager
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SalesChain, “The best solution for the dealers,” according to John Hand, will onboard MobilePro users for New Years Go-Live.

WATERBURY, OCTOBER 27th¬†2020 – As of January 1st,¬†2021 Vision-E’s MobilePro platform will no longer offer CRM services to its user base. After a thorough vetting of the competition, Vision-E found that the most valuable partner to provide an alternate solution is SalesChain. Because of the quick turnaround demanded by this project, MobilePro team members have committed to work hand-in-hand with SalesChain in order to facilitate a smooth and expedient transition.
In a letter to all the related dealers, John Hand, CEO of Vision-E, confirms, “We have evaluated all of the CRM options and we believe that SalesChain provides the best alternate solution.” Hand continues by listing the reasons why SalesChain is the best fit for his user base.
Comparable Offerings:¬†SalesChain is offering dealers special pricing, particularly on their advanced features. The integrations and advanced feature set offered by SalesChain are cited as the primary influence in Hand’s selection, specifically, SalesChain’s two-way e-Automate integration, built in electronic signature capabilities, Catalogs Made Easy, price books, HubSpot integration and more.
Tim Szczygiel, CEO of SalesChain welcomed these dealers in his proposal and urged them to attend one of three special demo sessions, or to personally reach out to him with any questions.

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