Expanding Your Product Offerings?

You’re not alone. With the changing office environment, many copier dealerships have expanded to provide additional product offerings.  SalesChain recognizes that office technology is a dynamic industry that is evolving quickly.  In the last 20 years, print has evolved into a hybrid model of analog copies and digital documents. We’ve seen people moving into a lot of areas, but IT products and services are among the most common since it is a natural pivot for dealers.  New products in the IT realm are coming daily and older products are becoming obsolete. In a recent podcast appearance, Tim Szczygiel, CEO of SalesChain, stresses that dealers must stay relevant and adapt to new products, recognizing the “integrated nature” of the industry.

Separate Software is a Struggle

Our technology-enabled world is no longer simply impressed by big data, it expects big data. Nothing is more frustrating than when that information is spread across different systems and spreadsheets, giving you an incomplete picture of your business.

  • It’s frustrating – when you are looking for something and can’t remember where it is. Time is money, so when your employees are forced to sift through multiple software databases to gather the information they need, your company is losing money.
  • It’s inaccurate – leading to embarrassing errors or misinformation. Disparate systems may not mesh accurately, leading to time spent hand-checking for errors in integration. Dealers may experience a higher churn rate when their customers are unimpressed with delays and processing errors.
  • It’s time-consuming – managing spreadsheets or data in multiple places takes a lot of your time. When sales representatives are spending their time hand-checking paperwork, they aren’t out there discovering new prospects!

One System for Dealers in Imaging and IT.

Watch this brief video to learn a bit about where our offering is headed in 2022!

SalesChain Is the One Solution for Your Copier and IT Businesses

The key difference is that SalesChain is a comprehensive platform.  We work to maximize the value of our product by being one system that solves many of a dealer’s complex financial and operational issues, in addition to providing powerful tools for sales representatives.

SalesChain is proud to announce a new integration to ConnectWise, which expands upon and strengthens the existing integration to e-Automate and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry.  Within the SalesChain platform, dealers can easily synchronize customer records across e-Automate, ConnectWise, and the SalesChain CRM when they close a deal.  That record is automatically checked for validity and de-duplicated.

Pricing Tools for Copiers and IT

SalesChain’s Catalogs Made Easy utility includes machine hardware and IT products and services for a comprehensive, organized, and custom catalog of everything your company sells.   Having all this data in one place and accessible with a few clicks saves your sales staff valuable time.  It also makes cross-selling of the IT products and services along with the print deals they are proposing simple, since adding IT services is an integrated part of our order pricing tool. To facilitate this SalesChain has integrations with Ingram Micro and TD Synnex.

Pricing hardware and IT services on a single proposal is an essential component to the fluidity of sales team management.  Individual sales representatives have built-in autonomy when they are on the road to create, price, and document sales proposals quickly and easily. They can create loyal IT customers out of their existing print base with SalesChain’s dedicated IT pricing tool. They can also import and easily manage the product catalog and list of services for easy reference right inside of SalesChain’s order breakdown.

The sales management team can support the sales force with SalesChain’s powerful Scenario Pricing tool.  This allows them to easily address difficult pricing situations by targeting a specific value within the deal pricing calculator.  Management also has access to comprehensive business intelligence and forecasting tools. These provide clear data on how IT products and services sales stack up against MFP and Copier service sales monetarily and can help make the transition into IT and the cross-selling process more efficient.

One System, One Solution

Simply put, the SalesChain business platform provides more utilities for less money, with powerful integrations that save your company money and eliminate frustrating and time-consuming glitches between disparate software systems.  Connecting all parts of your team, from sales to back-office to management, facilitates seamless and timely communication and processing of customer orders.  Automating all aspects of your business portfolio and product catalog with well-designed workflows allows you to move into the future well-positioned to expand into new technology and remain relevant in the industry.

Ready to Streamline Your Business?

Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.