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By now, you are likely using CRM (client relationship management) software in your dealership. Or are you? Perhaps you are utilizing a homegrown collection of tools that get the job done. Or do they? Following are profiles of three BTA member dealerships, providing a brief look at their CRMs. Perhaps the comments and insight they share will provide you some guidance as you seek to add a CRM to provide for analytics of sales data and time-saving automation of your processes.

Budget Document Technology, a Konica Minolta, Lexmark and Xerox dealership, is based in Lewiston, Maine, with additional offices in Hamden, Maine, Manchester, New Hampshire, and Amesbury, Massachusetts. Tom Ouellette is president of Budget. His brother, Steve Ouellette, serves as CFO. It was in 2013 that Budget began using SalesChain as its CRM, says Kevin Kelliher, vice president of sales, noting that for a period of time, it remained a hybrid environment, with both the CRM and legacy paper-based processes in place. “Tom and Steve started using SalesChain for its integration with e-automate, for managing accounts, rep notes and client contacts,” he says. “But our sales process remained manual and paper-based, outside of the CRM.”

When he joined the dealership nine years ago, the hybrid environment was still in place, Kelliher says. However, in 2019, Budget “implemented SalesChain’s Proposal module, which allows sales reps to create quotes and submit orders right in the CRM,” he says. The dealership also added SalesChain’s Delivery Desk workflow automation system, a set of tools designed to help a dealership organize, automate and measure the efficiency of its fulfillment processes. “That meant that our sales team’s order forms, equipment setup sheets and paperwork would go straight to our schedulers and, ultimately, to our service team for implementation — all from within the CRM.”

When Budget “went all in” with SalesChain, “the time savings were huge for both our sales and admin staff,” Kelliher says. “We now had published lease rates and product pricing right in the CRM, eliminating the need for manual calculations and removing the possibility of human error.” Going “all in” has “opened new trackable channels of communication and added redundancies as we hand off from sales to admin to service. Overall, that has been a huge win.”

The use of SalesChain by Budget’s sales reps is “100% mandatory,” Kelliher says, noting that when he took on the vice president of sales position he “knew the software’s capabilities and our current processes well, and helped to enable some of the latest features offered by SalesChain. They include a more advanced Service Module and integrations with CEO Juice that allow reps to request copies of recent contract invoices and generate comprehensive quarterly business review (QBR) documents to review with clients.”

Kelliher shares a glimpse into the daily routine of Budget’s sales reps and their use of SalesChain. “Reps start the day by checking their SalesChain calendars, which have all their meetings, account reviews and blocked time for planned sales activities,” he says. “They use the MIF [machines in field] feature to identify devices that are approaching end of life and the Lease Desk feature to track upcoming lease expirations. This allows them to start informed conversations with clients and create custom solutions with long-term focus. We live and breathe by that calendar.”

Each time a rep engages with clients, he (or she) is going to make a note in SalesChain of what is found, Kelliher says. “So, if ‘John Smith’ is no longer the purchaser at the client location or is retiring and a new person is being onboarded, put that in the CRM,” he says. “We want to know that.”

Kelliher has nothing but praise for SalesChain in terms of its level of support and training. “They’re awesome; in a word, ‘excellent,’” he says. “Email requests to support at SalesChain are going to result in a response within an hour or two with a resolution. Plus, they’ll schedule sales training as needed. In fact, they added a hundred or so topical training videos under the support tab. So, the reps can use those as reference tools for activities they may not be doing every day.”


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SalesChain 2024: What’s New?

What’s New with SalesChain in 2024?

Watch this brief video to learn a bit about where our offering is heading this year!

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US Bank Partners with Saleschain

US Bank Partners with SalesChain to Deliver Unprecedented Efficiencies for Dealers

In collaboration with US Bank, SalesChain is revolutionizing the credit application and portfolio management landscape. This partnership introduces a new API integration that will enhance data accuracy, streamline credit applications, and expedite buyouts and invoicing processes for finance companies and dealers. 


This integration allows equipment dealers to efficiently facilitate the financing of a transaction within the system they already use with their customers. We’re excited to help dealers reduce administrative steps, increase accuracy, speed up funding and give end customers a better overall experience.

U.S. Bank Equipment Finance

Key Features


  1. Portfolio Management

  2. Credit Application Preapprovals

  3. Credit Decisions

  4. Buyouts

  5. Invoicing

Key Benefits

Data Accuracy and Efficiency:

  • Automated over Manual: Transforms manual spreadsheet processes into automated, real-time digital workflows.
  • Error Reduction: Significantly decreases margin for error.
  • API Integration: Real-time, accurate, and complete data allows for more efficient operations.

Credit Applications Process:

  • Streamlined Operations: Simplifies and accelerates the process for finance companies.
  • Enhanced FCO Experience: Allows for faster and more efficient credit app processing.
  • Enhanced Dealer Experience: Facilitates easier and much quicker business interactions between dealers and finance companies.

Real–Time Decision Notifications:

  • Speedy Turnarounds: Automates decision-making for faster responses.
  • Webhook Utilization: Employed by major partners like US Bank for efficient communication

Buyouts and Invoicing:

  • Data at your Fingertips: Provides in-app buyout numbers, allowing for quicker responses to customers.
  • Unrivaled Flexibility: Accommodate any kind of buyout for US Bank dealers.
  • Buyout Requests: Replaces the need for manual buyout request emails with automated, immediate notifications.

Purpose-Built Speed and Efficiency:

  • Dedicated to the Dealer: This industry-specific API is built top-to-bottom to be tailored to office technology dealers.
  • Reduced Overhead: Save time and money by reducing the need for costly and tedious document generation processes.

Ready to Learn More?

SalesChain Releases Version 8.8, featuring a new messaging system, credit pre-approval, and more.

New >> Messaging


We are excited to introduce the first feature in our Version 8.8 Update: a fully integrated messaging system. This addition is designed to streamline communication within your company by allowing seamless correspondence tied to specific transactional components like Delivery Jobs and Credit Requests. Enhance your workflow efficiency with the convenience of email notifications for new messages and the practicality of attaching important documents directly within the messaging interface. This feature is a leap towards comprehensive workflow automation, and we believe it will significantly contribute to optimizing your business communication processes.


  • Enhanced Communication: Our integrated messaging system ensures that team members can easily coordinate and discuss transaction-specific details without leaving the platform.
  • Document Management: Attached documents are not just linked but are fully integrated within our robust document management system, making tracking and organizing easier than ever.
  • Company-Wide Advantages: Every member within the organization will benefit from the improved exchange and accessibility of documents, leading to more streamlined business communication and operations.


New >> Order Financial Breakdown


Our new OBD Financial Breakdown offering is a sophisticated digital solution for representing financial aspects of orders. This feature provides a multidimensional view of an order’s financials, including perspectives such as “Book,” “Finance Company,” and “Sales.” It replaces several manual processes by automating the booking transactions into the eAutomate system, showcasing SalesChain’s commitment to enhancing user experience with efficiency.


  • Streamlined Financial Processing: Automates various manual booking tasks, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Multi-Perspective Financial Representation: Offers a comprehensive view of the financials from different business perspectives, ensuring a holistic understanding of transactions.
  • Efficient Invoice and Documentation Creation: The module facilitates ‘one click’ creation of Interim Rent Invoices and quick generation of Finance Company Funding Request documentation, thereby expediting financial operations.

New >> Credit Pre-approval


SalesChain is proud to announce an innovative utility for Sales reps to request credit prequalification. Directly on the company profile screen, sales reps can press a button and request the credit worthiness of a prospect before investing time. Simply click a button and enter the desired dollar amount to initiate the process of the request. This new tool eliminates the need for creating provisional proposals. Sales reps can now request credit pre-approvals with a simple click of an icon, enter the desired dollar amount and product category, and initiate the process swiftly and efficiently.


  • Save Time: Saves Reps time by providing them a utility to vet the credit worthiness of a potential customer without having to proceed through the entire sales process.
  • Direct Access: Situated in the Company Profile screen for immediate use, this feature ensures that sales reps can act quickly without navigating away from their current tasks.
  • Elimination of Placeholder Proposals: No longer a need to create “dummy” proposals, which streamlines the workflow and reduces the margin for error.
  • Rapid Initiation: With just a few clicks, the request is sent, expediting the sales cycle, and improving response times for customer inquiries.

New >>> Customer Association  


With our latest update, SalesChain empowers sales representatives with a brand-new method to associate companies directly within our platform. This feature is designed to give reps the autonomy to manage complex customer relationships effectively. Through an intuitive interface, sales reps can now view and manage lists of associated companies with ease, all at their discretion.


  • Enhanced Flexibility: Sales reps gain the ability to tailor company associations to their specific needs, providing a personalized approach to customer management.
  • Control Over Customer Management: This “at will” feature grants sales reps the independence to manage complex customer hierarchies without constraints.
  • Unaffected Lineage and Associations: The new method preserves the integrity of the existing “Bill-To” lineage from eAutomate and does not impact Master Account and Master Agreement associations, ensuring continuity and stability.

New >> Real-time Lease Buyouts Integrated with CPQ 


We’re happy to release a cutting-edge automated process within our CPQ pricing tool that allows users to directly request and receive buyout/upgrade quotes from US Bank. This feature is a technological advancement that streamlines the quote acquisition process, integrating it seamlessly into the user’s workflow within SalesChain’s platform.


  • Unprecedented Efficiency: Eliminates the need for lease coordinators, significantly reducing the time taken to communicate with finance companies.
  • Direct Quotes: Users can obtain buyout values without intermediary steps, directly from the source.
  • Automated Integration: Quotes are automatically incorporated into orders and proposals, negating the need for manual data entry.
  • Timesaving: Reduces the time spent on obtaining quotes, allowing sales representatives to focus on more productive activities.

Other Enhancements in this Update


  • We added a gross profit threshold feature to limit commissions to be paid only on deals that reach or exceed a value. Making things even more flexible, we integrated our tiered adjustment utility to allow for one or many levels of commission based on a defined tier schedule. In practical terms, this allows a dealer to pay a rep 30% of gross profit on deals that exceed 20% overall gross profit.

Credit Desk with Messaging

  • We’ve enhanced the credit desk viewer to include our new Messaging system, making it easy for sales reps and lease support resources to communicate transactional details for transactions. We’ve also added filtering options for simplified viewing of New, Pending, and Response messaging. This form has also been securitized to finance program details.

Delivery Calendar

  • We enhanced the delivery calendar to support more efficient drag and drop functionality that allows for specific hour time setting.

Google Mapping

  • We modified the “mapping” link on the Customer Profile and Contact View page to open Google maps with prospect and customer pegging similar to the mobile tool. This replaces the single account location peg view.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Everyone will be happy to hear that we have added the “Company Name” value to the appointment subject.

FM Audit Integration

  • We enhanced the service takeover and TCO & MPS tools to allow users to import the enhanced FM Audit Meters report.

TCO & MPS Proposal

  • Added a new simplified “Override” feature that will allow users to enter a simple CPI rate for BW and Color instead of using the more complex costing tools. Many of our dealers have asked for a simplified method of pricing MPS solutions and we listened.


  • We’ve added the ability for securitized users to manually override ZoomInfo ID, Site ID, and URL’s. This feature allows for more realistic administrative management of large lists of accounts sourced from and merged from multiple sources.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Billing Codes – Fixed an issue with the delivery job unit billing dropdown that was causing the list to not populate.
  • Bundle Name – We fixed an issue that was causing the bundle name property for manual bundles to not save properly.
  • Bundle Name – We fixed an issue where a single quote within the bundle name was causing the name to be cut off within mouse over text message.
  • Customer – Fixed an issue that was causing large ZoomInfo and ZoomInfo site numbers to error.
  • Data Merge – Added new merge fields to support additional email campaigns and delivery addresses. Also fixed an empty MFG name with certain manual bundles.
  • EAuto Sales Order Create – We fixed an issue that was causing the stocking code property to not be set properly when pushing orders with greater than 1 eAutomate sales order.
  • Esign – We fixed an issue with the Esign process where an excessively large name was causing an error.
  • Forecast by Status and 30-60-90 – Fixed an issue with these forecasts that was causing the value of proposed revenue to show proposed payment.
  • Sales Rep Activity – Added the points total value to the summary columns.
  • US Bank Integration – Fixed a minor issue that was causing certain leases to be duplicated within the portfolio synchronization utility.

SalesChain Releases Version 8.7, Featuring a Robust US Bank Integration, Full Evolved Office Integration, and more.

New >> US Bank Integration

  • We have implemented a major integration with US Bank, featuring:
    • All new portfolio display and nightly synchronization
    • Credit application submittal
    • Automated credit decision retrieval and notifications
    • Integrated buyout requests
    • Invoicing history and details display

New>> Evolved Office Integration

  • This capable and easy-to-use integration, developed with the design guidance of Evolved Office CEO Marc Spring, allows dealers to maximize the power and potential of effective marketing, communication, and lead generation.
  • This integration allows end users to:
    • Create campaigns
    • View activity
    • Seamlessly open and view Evolved Office from within SalesChain
    • Search to target interested prospects.


New >> Used Equipment Pricing Tools

  • We added more flexibility and controls to the used equipment pricing tool.
  • We added workflow notifications for inventory management, catalog administration, and sales rep exclusivity expiry notifications.
  • We added the ability to order line items for the accessories that are attached to a used machine. Previously, the accessories were not separated out. Instead, there was one main line item with the accessories in the description.
  • Additional fees will apply to utilize the Used Equipment Pricing Utility. This enables us to provide you with advanced functionalities and maintain optimum service quality.

New >> Report Generation & Printing Utility

  • We are proud to release a new reporting and report printing utility that will initially be integrated with the Used Equipment and Lease Desk tools.
  • This new report and printing tool allows for reports to be printed more easily, with proper pagination and formatting for small as well as very large
  • This new utility will enable us to create the next generation of reports within the SalesChain platform.


Other Enhancements in this Update

Order Breakdown Tools

  • We added mouse-over text to the OBD tools to display the “Bundle Name” for configured machines.
  • We added mouse-over text that will show the full name of the bundle entered by the sales rep to aid in the configuration and management of complex order and delivery jobs.

FINALLY! >> Delivery Job Appointments

  • We modified the delivery job appointments for sales reps to no longer be all day events.
  • This modification has been on the wish list for some time, and we know that every sales rep and delivery desk manager is going to appreciate this change.

Order Breakdown Products Grid

    • We moved the “Exclude from Lease” check box column from the far right to the left side of the grid to simplify the access for sales reps using smaller devices and to highlight the feature.

IT Service Product Lookup

  • We added the Vendor column to the grid and search option for the column to further simplify the search and selection of products for IT Services.

Delivery Job Machines

  • We added the MFG Item Number column to the Machines display grid.

Significant Upgrades >> Delivery Desk

  • We have made significant modifications to show additional information.
  • We have added additional search criteria on the truck assignments.

Proposal and Order Pricing System

  • Added the standard pricing column to the product lookup and display forms of the proposal and order pricing system. Previously, we showed the MSRP, now we have added the dealer’s “Default” pricing level to the display to provide sales reps with more information.

FCO Integrations

  • We added safeguards and error logging to the finance company portfolio integrations to trap unintended close outs and updates.
  • In some cases, leases were closed out because they were not present in a daily update, only because the data provided by the FCO application was not all inclusive.

IT Products

  • We added the MFG Item Number column to the IT Products display grid.


  • We added a feature to exclude “Non-Equipment” gross profit from commission dollars from manager escalation calculations.
  • For example, this feature allows manager roll ups to receive an extra 10 percent of GP, excluding non-equipment profit such as MFG Spiffs, or Service Commission dollars.

Workflow Emails

  • We expanded the data merge utilities for workflow emails to include used equipment and new OBD properties.

TCO Tools

  • We have created a seamless transition of MPS Proposals into the SalesChain OBD Proposal and Order system.

Order Desk 

  • We have added the criteria “Exceeds MSRP” to provide lease administration a quick view of possible blending rate requirements

Water Pricing Tool

  • We have created the ability to define and mix catalog items that are MRR and Revenue on a single order.

Data Export Utility

  • We have expanded the properties that can be downloaded by secured users for social media and integration partner keys. These properties include:
    • ZoomInfo
    • ConnectWise
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • HubSpot
    • Yelp

eAutomate Integration

  • Enhanced Filtering – We have enhanced our integration utility to provide advanced filtering to selectively synchronize data that is stored in eAutomate.
  • This tool is designed for large enterprises that operate multiple businesses within a single EA database instance.
  • They can selectively import specific businesses into SalesChain, rather than importing all of them.

Catalog and Configurations

  • We have enhanced our ability to import product catalogs from eAutomate along with configurations.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed an issue with the Evolved Office “Campaign Edit Form” where the Home button was misdirecting users.
  • Added a “Clear All” feature to the MIF Desk form.
  • Modified the Group assignment rules, increasing the maximum size from 75k to 150k.
  • Fixed a few minor issues with fonts and cursor focus on the Contact View form.
  • Fixed an issue with the apostrophe in the customer number causing issues when saving an OBD.
  • Fixed an issue with the eAutomate Sales Order push Customer form that was causing non-critical display error.
  • Modified the HubSpot integration to include additional properties to support CEO Juice integration properties.
  • Fixed an issue with the Named Views feature that was causing the new items to be incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue on the dashboard and charts where the font size was too small.
  • We further refined the ability to use the Pontrelli Marketing program’s industry group names within the Customer Target listing form.
  • Fixed an issue where order status change emails were showing as text and not HTML.
  • Fixed an issue on the OBD Price form, when Credit Levels were selected, the credit column amount was not loading properly.
  • Added the ability to manage up to 10 order line adjustments within the Catalog Item maintenance utility.

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SalesChain Releases Version 8.6, Featuring an upgraded Financial Breakdown Tool, Recurring Revenue Tracking, and a Full Leaf Commercial Capital Integration

Significant Upgrades >> Financial Services Screen  

  • We have a new financial breakdown to upgrade interaction with finance companies. 
  • We significantly enhanced lease upgrade and buyout capabilities to allow users to individually select assets from one or more finance companies to segregate and detail buyout processes.  
  • Linked to new service takeover tool, analysis tool, and TCO tool.  

Significant Update >> Recurring Revenue Tracking 

  • We have added the ability to define “Recurring Revenue” catalog items. 
  • We added a breakout column on the pricing grid to allow for the mixing of revenue and recurring revenue-based products. 
  • Dedicated pricing/proposal generation tool for water and other advanced product


New>> Leaf Commercial Capital Integration 

  • SalesChain has implemented a major integration with Leaf Commercial Capital, featuring: 
    • Portfolio synchronization 
    • Credit application submittal 
    • Automated credit decision retrieval and notification 

Evolved Office Integration  

  • This is a major integration that includes campaign creation, workflow notifications, and more. 


Other Enhancements in this Update

New>> Canon Configurator Shortcut 

  • We added a shortcut under the “Sales” menu to Canon’s Configurator Portal


BETA>> Canon Financial Services  

  • We have developed an automated API to manage the lease portfolio. 


Great America Leasing Integration 

  • We added a variable setting to enforce the finance company requirements of specific data before allowing the users to submit credit applications via the SalesChain API leasing portal.  
  • In this case, GAL requested that a phone number and internal contact be provided to speed up processing times. 


Service Takeover (FM Audit Import) 

  •  We have added the ability for sales reps to import FMAudit sourced DCA (Data Collection Agent) reports within the service takeover utility saving the time and effort of manual entry. 

Make Public Views  

  • We added the ability to create “Public” views so that with our popular views feature, manager and admin users can create useful views and share them with others in the company. 

Expanded Order Fulfillment Workflow  

  • This notifications feature will include dynamic HTML based email templates with expanded data merge capabilities.  
  • Communicate order status changes to sales and operations more clearly and with more detailed information. 
  • Added flexibility for better operational workflow by allowing tailored messaging to the right people involved in fulfilling orders. 
  • More informed employees make more informed customers, which makes happier customers. 

Order Status Change History  

  • We added a table to the OBD general table that shows the history of the order status changes. We also added a new popup note entry field so that when a user changes the status of an order, they can enter an optional note to describe what/why the change is being made. [@workflow, @communication] 

Tiered/Scaled Commission Rates  

  • We enhanced our tiered commission scaling to allow for “Cap” and “Floor” settings which provide limits and consequences based on performance and commission level. Dealers can offer a “Skinny Deal” commission schedule with a floor of X that below pays zero or high level that pays zero to force the sales rep to switch to the next level plan. 

Scaled Commissions  

  • We added a scaling mechanism to the percentage-based commission role to allow for dollar-based tiers for computing commissions. For example, if you wish to pay a referral fee based on deal size, you may create tiered ranges of 0 – 10k, 10k – 20k, etc…. and pay more for larger deals. [@commissions] 

Link Price Level with Commission Level 

  • We added a feature to optionally set the commission level on an order based on the selected price level. This allows the dealer to publish special pricing levels with specific commission plans. It also eliminates the need for the sales rep to select the right plan for a special deal.  

Service Chargeback  

  • This will be limited to a certain number of months based on the contract term. 

Lease Desk  

  • We expanded the filtering to include the Sales Rep Category so that dealers that are selling multiple products (like IT and Water and Mail) can view the lease portfolio from their perspective. Water sales reps want to see water leases. [@bundled, @water, @forecasting] 
  • Sales reps can access data specific to their needs and not have to sort through other data, thus saving time. 

Credit Desk  

  • We add the save preferences “Cog” feature to further allow users to customize their use of SalesChain by saving preferences. 

Pickup & Movement Dispositions  

  • We added an admin user maintenance option so that Dealers can customize the disposition types. Prior to this, the values were hard coded by SalesChain. 

Block Of Time & E-Automate Sales Order Create  

  • We added the block of time schedule to the sales order within e-Automate, further integrating the two systems. We also expanded the data merge properties available for seamless document creation. [@blockoftime, @eautomate, @documentation, @integrations] 

Order Desk  

  • We added Credit Status filtering criteria to the Order Desk providing more flexibility in searching orders by their credit status. A credit status indicator was added for each order to clearly present information as to the credit status of orders. [@creditprocessing, @workflow, @informationsharing] 


  • We removed the CC and BCC properties from the email template when sending a request for signature. These fields were previously locked, making it unnecessary to view them. 

User Activity Reporting  

  • We added the ability to create User Activity Groups, which sum the combined value of actions. This allows managers to add columns to the activity summary report that shows “Touches” as the sum of Phone Calls, In Person Prospecting, and Customer Care Calls.  

Prospect Classification  

  • We added logic to the proposal and order pricing tool to allow users to manipulate the prospect classification properties from within the General tab of the OBD. This way reps can update properties to better manage their forecasting and sales metrics without having to go into other forms. 

E-Automate Configurations  

  • We added a feature to allow dealers to utilize the e-Automate Configurations within the IT Products catalog lookup utility to accommodate dealers that have configured technology catalogs such as Point of Sales Production within the DQM project module.  

Recurring Revenue  

  • We have added the ability to define “Recurring Revenue” catalog items and have added a breakout column on the pricing grid to allow for the mixing of revenue and recurring revenue-based products. 

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Company Activity History – We fixed an issue where appointments that were synchronized from Microsoft Exchange were showing as unrecognizable “plain text HTML” instead of a properly translated message.  
  • Customer & Customer Target Viewer – We added the “Does Not Contain” criteria to the grid filters. 
  • Service Pricing Bundles – We fixed an issue where when only color meters were bundled the documents did not show the black/white meters correctly. 
  • OBD IT Products Grid – we fixed an issue that was not allowing users to enter decimal values. 
  • Ingram Micro Quote Import – we fixed an issue where duplicate IT catalog items were being created. 

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Stephen Cook and Ryan Skinner of Function4 Talk SalesChain

SalesChain, founded in 2002, provides cloud-based technology solutions to office technology resellers and manufacturers.

Originally focused on improving sales teams’ information, organization, and automation capabilities, with a particular emphasis on managing lease portfolio turnovers, SalesChain has evolved into the office technology industry’s premiere business workflow automation platform.

SalesChain users Ryan Skinner and Stephen Cook from Function4 recently sat down with Andy Slawetsky of Industry Analysts to discuss how SalesChain was able to revolutionize Function4’s sales process.

SOURCE: Industry Analysts Inc.

View the Video

Ryan Skinner and Stephen Cook talk with Andy Slawetsky about how SalesChain revolutionized their sales process.

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Use the link below to schedule a discovery call for a demonstration of the SalesChain system. One of our representatives would be happy to assist you, answer your questions and see if SalesChain is the right partner to help you grow your business.

SalesChain Releases Version 8.5 Featuring Block of Time Pricing Tool, Colorized Social Media Links, and Clear All Search Parameters Button

NEW>> Block of Time Pricing Tool  

This new feature allows users to quickly build scope of work project proposals individually or as part of a bundled IT Product and Service engagement.   

Key features include: 

  • Dedicated catalog SKUs for simplified selection. 
  • Advanced payment term calculations that allow you to provide payment terms or include BOT revenue in the lease. 
  • Generating proposals and contract documents is a simple click of a button, shortening the time to quote all with fewer errors. 

NEW>> Colorized Social Media Links 

  • The social media links that we added in version 8.4 for ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter were enhanced to include colorization.  These links will appear as blue if the link exists or grey if they are not entered. 

New>> Clear All Search Parameters Button 

  • The “Clear All” feature has been added to 5 additional forms that include Competitive Equipment Desk, Customer Profile Target Viewer, Machines in Field Desk, Order Desk, and the Used Equipment Desk.   
  • The extension of this already popular feature provides a simple “one-click” method to clear all search criteria.  

Other Enhancements in this Update

Sales Order Push to e-Automate 

  • We added a feature that allows lease buyout values to be pushed to e-Auto as negative values for the designated item.  

Merge Accounts 

  • Enhanced the Merge Company form to display additional primary key values including the ConnectWise Customer ID, Customer Site ID, and the ZoomInfo ID. 

Used Equipment Inventory  

  • We added a more advanced integration criteria to allow used equipment to be pulled from e-Automate using a dynamic “Where…” fashion that is compatible with MS SQL Server.   

Order Status Email Notifications  

  • We added additional email recipients for notifications to be sent when Order Status changes are made.

ZoomInfo Integration  

  • We added logic to support the addition of the ZoomInfoSiteID.

e-Automate Sales Order Integration 

  • We greatly enhanced the integration forms to better communicate the variable options available for pushing orders. 
  • We excluded service take over items from the push.    

Task Viewer Enhancements 

  • The Task Viewer form has been modified to include additional features that include color coding, enhanced searching, saved preferences, and populating company names. 

Fixes and Tweaks

  • The IT Products pricing page was modified to allow decimal values within the dealer cost, rep cost, and sell price properties. 
  • We fixed an issue with the Bundled Lead form that was not allowing product types that were not already priced within the associated proposal to be entered. 
  • We enhanced the CEO Juice QBR request to allow for a system parm property setting the desired number of months instead of using the hardcoded 6 months. 
  • We fixed a time zone issue with the Delivery Job Work item activity dates and times. 
  • Added new data merge fields representing  
  • IT Bundle Name 
  • Lease Base Rate & Lease Adjust Factor (Indexed) 
  • We fixed an issue with the MS Outlook integration that was failing to properly save the keys. 
  • We widened the Order Number field on the Order Pricing screen. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Ingram Micro quote import to link items to the catalog. 

SalesChain Version 8.4 Featuring New Evolved Office Integration, ConnectWise Integration Enhancements, Microsoft Word Enhancements

New>> Evolved Office Integration  

This capable and easy-to-use integration, developed with the design guidance of Evolved Office CEO Marc Spring, allows dealers to maximize the power and potential of effective marketing, communication, and lead generation.  

This integration allows end users to:  

  • Create campaigns. 
  • View activity. 
  • Seamlessly open and view Evolved Office from within SalesChain. 
  • Search to target interested prospects. 


Significant Updates>> ConnectWise Integration 

As we’ve rolled out our IT integrations and pricing tools with larger IT dealers, we have been able to add a great deal of sophistication and broader features to our ConnectWise Manage integration, enhancing the details available to our dealers.  

We added a feature to allow documents such as sales orders, agreements, and others that are generated (and possibly e-signed) to be pushed into ConnectWise Manage.   This is as much a workflow utility as it is a document tool. The ability to have a single secure location for document storage will be of great assistance to dealers.  

  • Documents are converted into PDFs and pushed into ConnectWise.  
  • Attachments can be carried over to ConnectWise in their native formats such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. 

  • We expanded the integration to ConnectWise Manage (CW) to allow opportunity product types.  For example, if an IT request is submitted for managed services, it can be placed on a different board than VOIP or telephony. 
  • We added the ability to select or create contacts on the fly while pushing an order to CW. 
  • We added security privileges to the CW push buttons on the customer and order forms to limit access to this functionality.  The CW numbers for the relative records will always be displayed if they exist. 


NEW>> Edit Documents in Microsoft Word 

  • Our document generation and editing tools have received major upgrades, starting with the ability to allow select document templates, such as proposals, to be exported from SalesChain in .docx format for editing in MS Word. 
  • This change applies to non-legal documents only. SalesChain will not allow legal documents to be exported in editable formats to ensure the security and viability of legal terms and conditions.   

NOTE: If Word-enabled and non-Word-enabled documents are combined into a single package, the entire package will be locked and export to Word will not be enabled for the package. 

  • To make this distinction clear, we’ve added a “W” indicator next to document templates that are MS Word enabled. 

Other Enhancements in this Update

NEW>> SalesChain Learn 

  • SalesChain is announcing the release of a new online learning format titled “SalesChain Learn.” This online platform contains a series of courses that allow busy sales representatives, managers, and administrative staff, who require an efficient and effective way to get up to speed quickly, to engage in self-directed training. 
  • The platform’s courses cover many aspects of the SalesChain system – including basic navigation, CRM, and CPQ, as well as management functions. More courses are on the way as we continue to expand the project. 

New>> Tiered Commissions Schedule

  • We expanded our commission utility to include a new feature that allows dealers to define a “Tiered Schedule” for commission rates. Managers can now create a stepped structure for commission. For example, if the sales rep order generates a given range of achievement (in GP or Revenue for example), they may earn a given value or percentage of that base.

Customer Profile Targeting Viewer

  • We’ve added columns to the Customer Profile Target Viewer for each of our 6 priority contacts. Each of these columns displays the priority contact’s name, email, and title. The priority contact type is displayed in the column header.
  • The industry column, which contains the SIC code description, was renamed to SIC Description to avoid confusion. An Industry Groups column (Which represents filtering for multiple SIC codes) was also added to correspond to the drop-down search on the left for Industry Groups.

Task Viewer User Interface

  • We created a new version of the Task Viewer form as part of the continuation of our interface redevelopment project.

IT Products Catalog Lookup

  • We modified the drop-down selection lists for MFG, Vendor, and Model to only show values that have existing catalog items for the criteria selected.

Managed Services Product Lookup

  • We expanded the search options within the grid to include “Contains”, “Equals”, “Not Equal”, and “Begins With”.

ZoomInfo Integration

  • We’ve expanded the amount of data that can be returned from ZoomInfo. Many dealers are utilizing ZoomInfo to cleanse and augment their customer and prospecting data.  This upgrade includes added social media links to the Customer Profile form for Linked In, Zoom Info, and Twitter.

Forecast 30-60-90

  • We modified this report to provide the option to view by month or by dates out from today.

Forecast by Status

  • We updated this report as part of the user interface upgrade project.

Sales Rep Activity Detail Report

  • We added the ability to include Private Groups criteria in this report. Administrative users may view and use private groups of users within their hierarchy.

Customer Profile

  • We modified the form to enforce the rule of the e-Auto locked field. Previously, users would be allowed to edit name, address, county, etc. but when saved, the database would not actually be updated.  After saving, the view form was not updated to show the user that the fields were not actually updated, causing a false presentation of the data.

Bulk Import Utilities

  • As more dealers join the SalesChain family, more data from varying sources is being imported into our system. Over the past year, we’ve greatly expanded our data import utilities to expedite this data migration.  Here are just a few of the recent enhancements:
    • Importation of company, contact, and contract documentation from ConnectWise Manage
    • Complete CRM conversions for Microsoft Dynamics, and SalesForce.com

Document Generation

  • We have added several new data merge fields that include:
  • Subtotal and subtotal rollup data merge properties for bundled solutions.
  • Added CM merge fields to delivery job documentation.
  • We added rollover document logic for document management and scanning service templates.
  • We added an icon to the OBD Documents form that allows users to generate an e-Sign History report for document packages marked for e-Sign.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • We modified the prospect/opportunity save process to update the probability of close percent based on the associated value of the prospect status. 
  • We fixed the e-Auto serial number pull within the OBD Delivery Job form. 
  • We fixed an issue with Tasks that was causing the incorrect time to display.  
  • We improved the messaging that is returned by Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On when credentials are not able to be validated. 
  • We fixed an issue with the Managed Services Product Lookup form that was causing the total count to not refresh when searching criteria is entered.  We also fixed an issue with the quantity and sell price search fields. 
  • We fixed an issue with the naming convention of the Hawaiian Standard Time zone that was causing times to display incorrectly. 
  • We added a safety mechanism to our DLL Integration to trap connectivity errors when synchronizing the nightly lease portfolios. 

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SalesChain And Evolved Office Announce New Partnership

[Southbury, CT] – Software provider SalesChain has announced a new partnership with Evolved Office, a content marketing automation platform tailored to office technology dealerships and MSPs. This new partnership will allow SalesChain users the ability to access Evolved Office’s powerful marketing automation tools, right inside the SalesChain system. 

According to SalesChain’s founder and CEO, Tim Szczygiel,  

“We are excited to partner with Evolved Office to offer our customers an integrated solution that streamlines their marketing efforts. Our two-way integration simplified the process of syncing lists between our platforms, enabling our customers to easily automate their marketing campaigns and drive more leads.” 

This new integration will allow SalesChain users to quickly and easily synchronize their customer lists through Evolved Office’s industry-leading marketing automation platform.  Users will now have access to Evolved Office’s full suite of capabilities, such as social media automation, read-to-go email marketing campaigns, lead tracking, and reporting.  

“We are thrilled to join forces with SalesChain in this exciting new partnership,” says Marc Spring, Evolved Office CEO. “By integrating our two platforms, we can help office equipment dealers and MSPs streamline their sales process while maximizing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.” 

About SalesChain: SalesChain is the complete business automation solution for office equipment dealers. A CIO Magazine top 10 Workflow Automation Company, SalesChain provides CRM, CPQ, Quote to Cash and more for copier dealers and managed service providers. SalesChain helps dealers create smart data that can be used across the business to create more efficient operations. 

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About Evolved Office: Evolved Office is a leading provider of content and marketing automation solutions and managed marketing for office equipment dealerships and MSPs. Its comprehensive marketing suite of tools includes everything you need to market on one platform.  

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